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This page has a list of articles for Sonic the Hedgehog and covers short magazine articles not deserving of their own page.

File Date Source Title and comments
Generation4 FR 030.pdf


Génération 4 (FR) #30: "Février 1991"
EGM US 013.pdf "International Outlook: Sonic the Hedgehog"
Very brief coverage from Tokyo Toy Show 1990 in issue #13 EGM. The magaizne claims to be the only US video game publication covering the event.
EGM US 013.pdf "Outpost Genesis: Sonic the Hedgehog"
A second quick look later on in the magazine. The game is grouped with dozens of games from Summer CES 1990, but it's not thought Sonic was on display there.
EGM US 014.pdf "International Outlook"
More coverage from Tokyo Toy Show 1990 in issue #14 of EGM.
EGM US 016.pdf "Interface: More Sonic the Hedgehog!"
Colin Rey from Humber Heights, Ohio asks for more Sonic info from EGM. The magazine gladly obliges with another screenshot from Tokyo Game Toy 1990.
MeanMachines UK 05.pdf "Pricks at the Speed of Sound"
Brief article about the game's appearance at the January 1991 CES at Las Vegas.
CVG UK 112.pdf "Animal Magic"
Paragraph about the game's appearance at the January 1991 CES at Las Vegas.
ACE UK 43.pdf "Games News: Sonic the Hedgehog"
Paragraph about the game's appearance at the January 1991 CES at Las Vegas. It mentions the rotating Special Stage, and is accompanied by a early screenshot of Marble Zone.
SegaVisions US 04.pdf "Sega Genesis 16 Bit: Sonic the Hedgehog"
EGM US 021.pdf "Sonic the Hedgehog"
MeanMachines UK 08.pdf MeanMachines UK 08.pdf "Preview: Sonic the Hedgehog"
Three-page article about the upcoming game, which it states is expected in September. Gameplay is briefly described, though most of the pages are taken up by screenshots, which are from a prototype version. In particular, Spring Yard Zone on the second page is very different. Sonic the Hedgehog is also a cover article on this issue.
SegaVisions US 05.pdf SegaVisions US 05.pdf "Sonic the Hedgehog: Great Moments in Hedgehog History"
CVG UK 115.pdf CVG UK 115.pdf "Preview: Sonic the Hedgehog"
Two-page article about the upcoming game, where many of the images are from an early prototype. It mistakenly says there are 15 levels split into 5 acts, even though 5 zones are shown total. The first page also mentions a power-up which gives Sonic invincibility and Speed Shoes at once, which is probably a reference to the unused S-monitor which has been found in the game. It also mentions that U.S. Gold has bought the rights to publish home computer versions.
Raze UK 08.pdf "Sonic the Sega"
Short paragraph about game. The writer compares Sonic's appearance to that of Tom from Tom and Jerry.
GamePro US 023.pdf GamePro US 023.pdf "Genesis ProReview: Sonic the Hedgehog"
VG&CE US 29.pdf VG&CE US 29.pdf "Video Game Reviews: Sonic the Hedgehog"
MeanMachines UK 10.pdf "Review: Sonic the Hedgehog"
Three-page review of the game. The reviewers praise the game's graphics, with its large sprites and detailed backgrounds, as well as its speed and gameplay. Overall they give Sonic a glowing review with a score of 92%.
MeanMachines UK 10.pdf "Sonic Clampdown"
Short article describing Sega's efforts to prevent American copies of Sonic the Hedgehog being sold in Europe, before the game's official European launch.
CVG IT 07.pdf "Preview: Sonic the Hedgehog"
A two page preview in the July/August 1991 issue, essentially a translation of the English preview seen in Computer and Video Games above.
Mega TH 1991-29.pdf
PlayerOne FR 011.pdf "Mega D.: Sonic the Hedgehog"
A four page review of the game. It received favorable scores in all areas and got an overall score of 96.
Supergame BR 01.pdf Supergame BR 01.pdf "Superjogos"
MegaForce FR 01.pdf "Zapping: Sonic"
EGM US 024.pdf "Sonic the Hedgehog"
VideoGame BR 05.pdf VideoGame BR 05.pdf "Sistema Sega Mega Drive: Sonic the Hedgehog"
Brazillian magazine VideoGame reviews what is seemingly a prototype version of the game, awarding it five stars.
ACE UK 47.pdf "Screentest: Sonic the Hedgehog"
Three-page review of the game. The reviewer compares it favourably to the recent Super Mario World, praising the game's graphics and speed, as well as the level design and overall size. Scrap Brain Zone is referred to as "Clockwork Zone", its working title before the game was finished.
CVG UK 117.pdf "CVG Hit: Sonic the Hedgehog"
Four-page review of the game. The article is poorly written, as incorrect names are used and there is even an upside down image in between pages 3 and 4. They give the game a 96 for graphics, 93 for sounds, 94 for playability, and 91 for "lastability", with a 94 for the overall score.
Raze UK 10.pdf "Sega City"
Two-page article about the game. The writer describes the demo cart they played as consisting of only three zones - Green Hill, "Marble World" and "Star City". They also mention the finished game will be on an 8Mb cart (1 megabyte); the final game was actually released on a 4Mb cart. Several of the screenshots are from earlier versions of the game.
AcaoGames BR 004.pdf "Select: Sonic the Hedgehog"
EGM US 025.pdf "Tricks of the Trade: Sonic the Hedgehog"
(continues on page 96)
ACE UK 48.pdf "It's Sonic, Guy!"
Letter regarding the Sonic the Hedgehog review in ACE #47. The writer points out the "Clockwork Zone" error, and suggests Sonic has better graphics than Super Mario World.
CVG UK 118.pdf "Cheat Mode: Sonic the Hedgehog"
Brief description of the level select code. Two screenshots show a prototype Scrap Brain Zone and Green Hill Zone, which also has a functioning debug mode (not mentioned in the text).
Raze UK 11.pdf "Rave: Sonic the Hedgehog"
Three-page review of the game. The reviewer praises the size and complexity of the levels, and the detailed graphics. He compares the game favourably to Nintendo's Super Mario World, though stops short of saying which is better, and speculates it will sell well.
CVG IT 08.pdf CVG IT 08.pdf "CVG Hit: Sonic the Hedgehog"
Two page review from the Italian Computer + Video Giochi.
MegaForce FR 02.pdf "MegaDrive: Sonic the Hedgehog"
A 22 page walkthrough in the September/October 1991 issue of the French magazine Mega Force. The issue has a hand-drawn map of Green Hill Zone.
TheGamesMachine IT 034.pdf "Sonic the Hedgehog"
EGM US 026.pdf "Beind the Scenes at Sega of Japan: The Making of Sonic the Hedgehog"
CVG UK 119.pdf "Cheat Mode: Sonic the Hedgehog"
Several paragraphs explaining how to beat all six bosses.
Raze UK 12.pdf "Sonic the Hedgehog: The Hidden Rooms"
Four-page guide for the game, consisting mainly of the locations of hidden items and rooms in the first five zones (up to Star Light Zone), and a large map of Green Hill Zone act 2. The level select code is also described, with an accompanying screenshot.
ConsoleMania IT 001.pdf "Sonic the Hedgehog"
HobbyConsolas ES 001.pdf "Lo Más Nuevo: Sonic"
AcaoGames BR 006.pdf "Superestratégia Mega Drive: Sonic the Hedgehog"
ACE UK 50.pdf "Reviews Directory: Sonic the Hedgehog"
Short recap of the review from ACE #47. The previous score of 94% is rounded up to 5 stars out of 5.
ACE UK 50 Supplement.pdf "Tricks 'n' Tactics: Sonic the Hedgehog"
Three-page guide of the game, explaining how to deal with the features of each zone and going into detail about Scrap Brain Zone. One page is dedicated to tips for beating all the bosses in the game.
CVG UK 120.pdf "Cheat Mode: Sonic the Hedgehog"
Paragraph describing an exploit to get all six Chaos Emeralds by repeatedly entering the Special Stage via the level select menu.
CVG UK 121.pdf "Cheat Mode: Sonic the Hedgehog"
Short article explaining the code for, and how to use, debug mode. The code given is protracted, with additional inputs that aren't actually required.
GamePro US 029.pdf "S.W.A.T.: Sonic the Hedgehog"
This clip explains how to enable the debug mode. Note the "GP" written with Springs.
MegaTech UK 01.pdf "RoboCod Review: Alternatives - Sonic the Hedgehog"
During MegaTech's review of James Pond II: Codename RoboCod, they offer Sonic the Hedgehog as an alternative, and rate it 92%. MegaTech did not exist when Sonic debuted earlier in the year, so this also acts as a quick catch-up.
MegaTech UK 01.pdf "Technique Zone: Sonic the Hedgehog"
Later in the issue, a half-page spread for Sonic tips and cheats.
AcaoGames BR 008.pdf AcaoGames BR 008.pdf "Especial Top Secret"
MeanMachines UK 16.pdf "Tips: Sonic the Hedgehog"
Article explaining the debug mode and how to access it.
Megablast DE 1992-01.pdf "Sonic the Hedgehog"
ACE UK 55.pdf "Tricks 'n' Tactics: Sonic the Hedgehog"
Short article explaining how to access the level select and debug mode.
CVG UK 126.pdf "Sonic the Hedgehog Special"
Four-page pullout consisting of cheat codes and tips for beating all the bosses. The sequel is mentioned, as well as a Mega-CD Sonic game.
SegaVisions US 08.pdf "Reviews-Genesis: Sonic the Hedgehog"
A two page feature of Sonic the Hedgehog in a 1992 issue of Sega Visions magazine. The strategy guide gives tips on how to find secrets or pass certain parts of the game. For some reason the first page calls it a review even though no scores are given.
Mega UK 01.pdf "Top 100: Sonic the Hedgehog"
Mega says Sonic the Hedgehog is the third best Mega Drive game available in the UK.
EGM US BuyersGuide 1993.pdf "U.S. National Game Team's Super Play: Sonic the Hedgehog"
GamePro US 045.pdf "S.W.A.T.Pro: Game Genie Codes! Sonic The Hedgehog (Genesis)"
A few Game Genie codes which affect jumping ability.
MeanMachinesSega10UK.pdf "Lookback: Sonic the Hedgehog"
Half-page review, referencing a previous review in Mean Machines #10 (where the game was given a score of 92%). The writers now say the game is too easy, and has aged poorly in comparison to the newer Sonic the Hedgehog 2.
MeanMachinesSega30UK.pdf "The Complete Sonic Tips Guide"
Single paragraph explaining the level select code. Part of a retrospective of codes on Mega Drive Sonic games.
CVG UK 218.pdf "100 Greatest Games of All Time"
Sonic the Hedgehog is placed as the 5th best game of all time.
Edge UK 101.pdf "The making of... Sonic The Hedgehog"
CVG UK 240.pdf "100 Best Games Ever: Sonic the Hedgehog"
Short paragraph placing the game as the 17th best ever.
Megadrive Fan 1991-05.pdf


Mega Drive Fan (JP) #16: "May 1991"
"Coming Soon" article

Full-length articles


Preview (August 1990)

A preview with early prototype screenshots.


Title: Sonic the Hedgehog

Sega/Release Date Unknown/Price Unknown/ACT

Subtitle: “Could it be another Alex Kidd?”

“They are trying to create a new original character with this “Sonic the Hedgehog”. Please stay tuned for further details.”

Main text: “For release next Spring comes an original character action game from Sega.

“We don’t have details on what sort of game this will turn out to be but judging from screens it looks quite different from anything we’ve seen to date from Sega. We think the colorful and bright graphics could turn out to be popular.

“It remains to be seen whether this will turn into another Alex Kidd Osaaru for Sega!”

Left picture caption: “The title screen. Will this become another popular original character for Sega?”

Right picture caption: “Will it be cute character graphics with whimsical action?”

Beep sonic1 august1990 1.jpg

Electronic Gaming Monthly

Overview (November 1992)

This magazine gives a small overview of the game.

S1 ElectronicGamingMonthly Issue40 November1992 Page149.JPG

Games TM


This clip from "Games TM" features a retrospective of Eggman and dwells on what makes him a memorable villian.


Game Players


This clip from gameplayers is from the 1991 issue of Gameplayers Sega Genesis Strategy Guide. It explains how there were two different Genesis pack-in games, Altered Beast and Sonic the Hedgehog. The Altered Beast package comes with a coupon for a free Sonic 1 game. The bottom letter contains a silly mock-up.

Game Player's Sega Genesis Strategy Guide Vol 2 1991.JPG

Mega Play

Press Start (Jan/Feb 1991)


May/June 1991


Sega Magazine

Deleted Features

This clip from United Kingdom's Sega Magazine (which later became Sega Saturn magazine) discusses things which were deleted from the final version of Sonic the Hedgehog, including his air punch end of level animation, the Marble Zone UFOs, and the rolling ball from Green Hill Zone.


Sega Visions

Contest (Fall 1991)

This is an article detailing a contest to draw a Sonic Comic book for Sega Visions.

S1 SegaVisions Issue6 23-24.jpg

Unknown Magazine


This clip details Sega's business strategy around 1991. It also makes mention of Sonic's scrapped love interest in the original Sonic the Hedgehog, called Madonna. Images of her can be found in the Game Development section.


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