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Big cameo locations


Big the Cat cameos in each level of Sonic and the Secret Rings twice (except Lost Prologue, where he appears only once); to find him, the player is required to halt for a few seconds in a specific location to unlock a short cutscene involving the purple cat. These cutscenes add a new page to the game's Special Book as well.

Stage Mission Location Entry No. Detail Image
Lost Prologue Mission 16
(Splash Jump)
This is the Splash Jump practice mission, unlocked after Sonic learns the skill at level 42. Splash Jump onto the top platform bearing a platinum ring, then wait for a few seconds to see Big appear swimming through the air. 1 “A fairy told me “So you’re the blue hedgehog.” I’ve ended up somewhere strange. Where is this place?” size150px
Sand Oasis Mission 1
(Go for the goal)
On the strip of land where pillars are rising out of the ground, brake for a few seconds before you jump over the second falling pillar. You’ll see Big waving at you behind a shrubbery. 2 “I’ve come to a beautiful oasis. It’s so clear I can see everything, but it seems like there are no fish.” size150px
Sand Oasis Mission 4
(No Pearls)
When the four pillars start to fall, brake for a few seconds in front of the first one on the right (It has a genie on it.). You’ll see Big swimming around with a Frog. 3 “I was fising and I saw Froggy’s friend swimming. It looks like fun. I think I’ll swim too!” size150px
Dinosaur Jungle Mission 6 (Stealth Attack) After running down the dinosaur, brake for a few seconds on the grassy area as you get near the flower spirit. You’ll see Big holding his head. 4 “Well there weren’t any fish. Not one. Monsters must have eaten them. That’s not good.” size150px
Dinosaur Jungle Mission 9 (Smash genie eggs) When you get to the river, ride the log into the flying pot. Fly as high as you can, jump and do a Homing Attack into the Spring. You’ll jump automatically for a bit and then land on a grassy, circular platform with a genie egg. Brake for a few seconds, and you’ll see Big waving at you under a dinosaur. 5 “What…? I was chased all the way by a giant lizard! Which way did I come from…?” size150px
Evil Foundry Mission 2 (Diehard Challenge) As you start the level, do a Homing Attack into the tank the Golem’s holding, then attack it’s head, and then attack the magic carpet. Brake for a few seconds after getting onto the pathway, and you’ll see Big on a torch lamp on the ceiling. 6 “It’s a little hot but it seems like a good place to fish. Come out, come out, little fish!” size150px
Evil Foundry Mission 8 (Perfect Challenge) When you see the Golem, jump onto the cylinder and brake for a few seconds. You’ll see big sitting on the edge of a pit of lava. 7 “Uh-oh! That’s not fish! Sorry…!” size150px
Levitated Ruin Mission 5 (Open Sinbad’s cage) As you approach the lever to switch the second mirror, brake for a few seconds. You’ll see big balancing on top of a tower. 8 “W-what’s this? I’ve been carried here by the wind! Somebody help! Actually, this feels pretty good.” size150px
Levitated Ruin Mission 10 (Beat the clock) As you get near the series of gargoyle’s, brake for a few seconds. You’ll see Big behind an empty pedestal. 9 “I got in line… but I don’t seem to be fitting in, maybe I need to sit differently?”. size150px
Pirate Storm Mission 1
(Go for the goal)
When you reach the catapult after flying on a cannon rocket thing, raise the catapult halfway and flick the Wii Remote to (hopefully) land in the crow’s nest. Brake for a few seconds and you’ll see Big sitting on a mast farther away. 10 “Whoa! Climbing up here was fun and all but nowhow do I get down…?” size150px
Pirate Storm Mission 5
When you come to an area with two very tall platforms, attack the disappearing-reappearing genie on the first tall platform, and then land and brake on it for a few seconds. You’ll see Big far away, looking at some type or fort or something. 11 “Whoa! This’ll be my hideout. I won’t tell anyone, except for maybe Froggy….” size150px
Skeleton Dome Mission 5
When you enter the air launcher that fires you into a double-file line of pearls, wait in it for a few seconds. You’ll see Big sitting in the middle of the arena. 12 “I befriended the old skeleton. He said he used to be a huge fish. That’s amazing!” size150px
Skeleton Dome Mission 8
(No Pearls)
When you land on the group of rock platforms before the swinging axe things, brake for a few seconds. You’ll see Big sitting on a giant skeleton in the area, waving at you. 13 “Before the old skeleton turned to bone, he was a colorful fish who could sing too! I wish I could have caught him.” size150px
Night Palace Mission 9 (Diehard Challenge) Don’t bother with the turbo start here. Back up as soon as you start the level to the staircase, and brake for a few seconds. You’ll see Big lying down on the ground. 14 “I’ve come all the way to the Milky Way… I heard this is where I can find Pisces. I’d like to meet him.” size150px
Night Palace Mission 11 (Beat the clock) In the room that turns upside-down, don’t grind along the rail. Drop onto what used to be the ceiling, past the first line on the ground, spike ball, and stand next to the first pillar thing on the second line. Brake there for a few seconds. You’ll see Big between two pillars. 15 “When I look up at the sky I miss Froggy. I’ve got to go now. Wait for me Froggy!” size150px


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