Evil Foundry

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Evil Foundry
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Evil Foundry
Third level, Sonic and the Secret Rings
Level themes: industrial, lava/volcano
Dinosaur Jungle | Levitated Ruin

Evil Foundry is the third zone of Sonic and the Secret Rings. Sonic has to traverse a metal foundry by running and grinding on steel over pits of lava. The music that plays in this zone is The Palace That Was Found.


Event 1

Sonic and Shahra find Erazor Djinn, summoning a djinn being called the Ifrit. Because the Ifrit was "born" from lava and the flames of the Earth, Sonic is unable to defeat the being and decides to fight him when he's ready to.

Event 2

They return to the arena, holding the water blue World Ring, which summons storms, particularly rainstorms, which cooled the Ifrit and allows Sonic to defeat the boss. When the boss dies, he gives Sonic and Shahra a little gift of victory, a ticking bomb that held the red World Ring, when it exploded. As it turns out, the Ifrit djinn, they just defeated was in powerful rage.


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