Dinosaur Jungle

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SatSR-Dinosaur Jungle.png
Dinosaur Jungle
Second level, Sonic and the Secret Rings
Level theme: tropical island
Secondary level theme: jungle

Dinosaur Jungle is the second zone of Sonic and the Secret Rings. Sonic runs through a jungle inhabited by dinosaurs. He will have to surf down rivers using logs, run on dinos to reach higher ground, and even run from a stampede! This is one the rare cases of Dinosaurs in the Sonic series.


Event 1

The flying dinosaur, holding King Shahryar's weight, decided to let the king go. Falling down, he was rescued by a steady rock, hanging over a medium cliff. The king was mad, of course, but gave Shahra and Sonic information about the dinosaur's new location, pointing at a far-away factory in the seas of the jungle.

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Dinosaur Jungle

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