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Sonic Game Preview
Latest release date: 1992-06-20
Credits: Wind of Night
Operating system: AmigaOS

Sonic Game Preview is a French Amiga fan game created by Wind of Night on June 20, 1992, making it possibly the first Sonic fan game and predating Mi ni Ikuzo! Hedgehog by a few months. It has been distributed on various demo pack disks.


Gameplay screenshot.

There is very little, if any actual gameplay in Sonic Game Preview, as it is a rolling demo involving Sonic walking through a recreation of Green Hill Zone Act 1 that plays after the user presses  FIRE  on the title screen when prompted. Sonic moves forward on his own, periodically jumping up ledges and over spikes without taking damage, running at high speeds for a few seconds, or stopping to tap his foot or to push rocks. The background gradient moves up and down relative to Sonic's position, though the screen will only scroll horizontally.

While no other objects appear in the level, Rings appear in the marquee to spell out messages and greets, while Badniks appear to clear the text to make way for more text. Both the level and the text will loop indefinitely, and the demo can be stopped at any time by clicking the left mouse button. This will display an ending screen, then the demo will close when the user clicks again.

Production credits

The exact credits of the game are unknown, as they are all listed with pseudonyms, listed below:

  • GFX Artist: MRod
  • Writer: Longshot, the King of dc.b
  • Coders: Aldebaren and Byron
  • Slim: Crazy Player
  • Music: Sam of Ozone
Source: In-game credits



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File: SonicGamePreview Amiga (142 kB) (info)

NOTE: An Amiga system with Kickstart 1.x is required to run Sonic Game Preview. It will not work on systems with newer versions of Kickstart.

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