Mi ni Ikuzo! Hedgehog

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  • X68000
  • PlayStation
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Mi ni Ikuzo! Hedgehog
Latest release date: 1993 (X68k), 1997 (PS1)
Credits: Kiyoshi Sakai
Platform: X68000, PlayStation

Mi ni Ikuzo! Hedgehog (見に行くぞ!HEDGEHOG), also known as Mini Sonic the Hedgehog or Minic the Hedgehog, is a Japanese fan game developed for X68000 computers in 1993 by Kiyoshi Sakai (co-creator of Umihara Kawase), and later ported to the PlayStation using the Net Yaroze development kit in 1997 by the same creator.[1] The PS1 version was found in a collection of Net Yaroze games released in 2012, and the X68000 original was released online by the original creator on November 29th, 2018.[2]


The game only features a single level called "Final Zone Act 1", which should not be confused with Final Zone from Sonic the Hedgehog as it is a level with a tropical island theme in the vein of Green Hill Zone and Emerald Hill Zone. There are a variety of different paths for the player to take, filled with features and hazards such as loop-de-loops, floating platforms over bottomless pits, spikes, Crabmeats and Choppers. The physics in this game are nowhere like those in official games, as Sonic has a lot of weight to his jumps, and is more prone to slipping downward on slopes, making running up inclines more difficult. The music in the game originates from a game known as Gemini Wing.

Among various monitors like Rings, Shields, extra lives and Invincibility, there are monitors displaying question marks. These appear to give the player Rings when broken, but if the player has 50 or more Rings, breaking it will send the player to a 3D Bonus Stage where they must run along a strip of land and collect 80 Rings in 5 laps without falling off.

When the player makes it to the end of the level or gets a Game Over by running out of lives, the game resets to the title screen.

Version differences

The PS1 version has a few differences compared to the X68000 version in that Sonic has been recolored red, and the title screen has been changed to a crudely-drawn Sonic doodle. The original blue palette data still exists in the game, and can be found at address 0x0F8A9C, while the red palette can be found at 0x0F087C. There is also no music, and the Bonus Stage is not available in this version, as breaking the ? monitor will display "SORRY!! BONUS STAGE IS UNDER CONSTRACTION." on the screen.


X68000 version

PlayStation version



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NOTE: For the PlayStation executable, boot it in ePSXe or any other PlayStation emulator.

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