Sonia the Hedgehog

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Sonia the Hedgehog
Species: Hedgehog
Gender: Female
Series: Sonic Underground
First seen: "Beginnings"

Sonia the Hedgehog was a character made up for the animated television series Sonic Underground along with her brothers Sonic the Hedgehog and Manic the Hedgehog. They try to defeat Dr. Robotnik. Sonia and her brothers were born the heirs to the throne of the world Mobius. Sonic and company try and retake the empire together and find their mother, Queen Aleena. Sonia plays the keyboard and is the most acrobatic of the group. She was raised in an aristocratic home, and thus grew up closest to the lifestyle she would have had if not for Robotnik. She is voiced by Jaleel White except for when she is singing. Her singing voice is provided by Louise Vallance.


While there is discrepancy in characters' sizes in Underground, Sonia is roughly the same height as Sonic, give or take an inch or two. She is primarily a magenta color with pink quills. The topmost quill is much shorter than the others and in addition to being broken into several smaller pieces, is attached to a large tuft of fluffy hair that extends across her hair and hangs over her face. Keeping up this "do" requires constant maintenance on her part, as she is constantly complaining about it being ruined.

Personality and traits

Sonia is physically the strongest of the three hedgehogs. She is capable of lifting things that would make even Sonic strain. While she does not have super speed, Sonia can duplicate Sonic's Tornado Spin Attack, though she dubs it the "Super Twirl". To make up for a lack of speed, Sonia uses a pink motorcycle for travel. Her keyboard can transform into a laser rifle, and can create smokescreens. Sonia is also a skilled martial artist and uses her abilities for offense and defense.

Due to growing up in luxury, Sonia tends to be bossy, high maintenance and quite vain. Despite these shortcomings, she is still very caring, and believes in doing all things for the greater good. Of the three hedgehogs, Sonia is the logical one. She'd rather plan something out then rush into things, much to Sonic's dismay. She is very rarely a damsel in distress as she is able to get herself out of most situations.


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Sonia is the only hedgehog in the series with any sort of love life. During the series, she shows romantic feelings for two recurring characters. The first is her former fiancé, Bartleby, an aristocrat who serves as Robotnik's secondary lackey. She also shows some feelings towards Knuckles the Echidna. She is also the object of a crush from Robotnik's dumb muscle henchman, Dingo.

In Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing

ASR Sonia.png
When creating placeholder textures for the Casino Park courses in Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing, one of the designers mistook this fanart for official SEGA art, and used the head for various 'Queen' card textures on the track. After high-resolution, final textures were created, Sonic Team spotted this image and ordered it to be removed. However, it still managed to appear in the PC and Wii versions as a low-resolution track texture.

Following the discovery, the fan-artist and various Sumo/SEGA community staff were notified of the issue. An apology was issued, and a patch has been promised for the version distributed via Steam on the PC, but nothing can be done for existing Wii versions. The artist whose work was plagiarized was offered a modest compensation by SEGA, and she has dropped the issue.


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