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Sleet is one of the main antagonists of the tv series Sonic Underground along with his partner Dingo and their boss Dr. Robotnik. He is voiced by famous voice actor Maurice LaMarche.


Sleet was at some point an independent contracter alongside Dingo but after finding out about Sonic, Sonia and Manic, Dr. Robotnik got them to work for him in order to capture them to insure that the prophecy to his downfall would never succeed. Sleet usialy plots the missions and plans used to capture the royal hedgehogs while he gets Dingo to carry out said plans. The two of them have sometimes attempted to turn against Robotnik, but this normally ends with the doctor being very angry at them.


Sleet is very cunning, gready and manipulative. He wants nothing more than to make money and will even turn against Dr. Robotnik in order to obtain it. He is very manipulative as shown when he was able to convince Knuckles the Echidna to think the hedgehogs were after the Chaos Emerald that Knuckles was guarding.


Sleet is a wolf

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