Queen Aleena Hedgehog

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Queen Aleena Hedgehog
Species: Hedgehog
Gender: Female
Series: Sonic Underground
First seen: "Wedding Bell Blues"

Queen Aleena Hedgehog is the fictional mother of Sonic, Manic and Sonia in the series Sonic Underground. She has violet-eggplant hair and cloak, as well as lavender fur. Her crown and the slightly thick piece of cloth at the front end of her cloak is gold. While her armour covering her body is white, the jewel on the middle of it is cerise. She is voiced by Gail Webster.


She used to rule Mobius, but was deposed at the hands of Dr. Robotnik. The Oracles of Delphius has told her she was forced to leave her children in a basket as Robotnik took over ferociously, in order to protect them. Luckily, her children were saved by three separate families and were raised. Things were a relief for now.

But throughout the series, she helps Sonic, Manic and Sonia, whose main goal is to find her, which they fail to do despite everything. Along the way, she leaves cryptic messages and clues for them to find, and several times intervenes directly to save her children. According to prophecy, the Queen and her children will one day reunite and form the Council of Four, bringing about Robotnik's defeat. Due to the cancellation of the series, this never occurred in an episode.


Like all mothers, Queen Aleena is caring and is doing her best effort to help her children - she once openly fired on a group of SWATbots and a Roboticiser to save Manic. Unlike Robotnik, she also cared about the people of Mobius since before Robotnik ruled, everyone lived peacefully. In fact, if she was not risking the fate of her children, she would join them and become a Freedom Fighter.


Aleena's past often influences the adventures of her children. In the episode Friend or Foe?, she is revealed to have visited the Floating Island in the past and met Knuckles the Echidna. She left a message on the island, saying that Knuckles would be the first in a series of allies who would join her children in their quest. She also built Mobius' Hanging Gardens, which housed a specimen of the Velocitree which Robotnik used to make Sonic Tonic, a liquid that when poured on the feet made one go super fast.


Queen Aleena appears to possess certain magical abilities, such as projecting her image to other locations and teleporting from place to place.

Her crown contains a jewel that, if separated from her, will home in on her location.


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  • Queen Aleena looks somewhat similar to Amy Rose and Sonia the Hedgehog. Like Sonia, she has fluffy hair instead of spikes.
  • At the beginning of each episode, Queen Aleena says a message important to the episode as part of her role.

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