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Porker Lewis

Porker Lewis is a member of Sonic's Freedom Fighters in the UK's Egmont Fleetway published Sonic the Comic.

Originally designed as a characterization of the pig animal that was freed from badniks in Sonic 1 and 2, he became a major character as the comic progressed. His first major appearance was in issue 8 where Sonic, Tails, himself and Johnny Lightfoot travelled to the Special Zone. After Dr. Robotnik sent them into the future where he ruled, Porker became one of the Freedom Fighters.

Donning a black leather jacket with Sonic's face stitched into the back, he became the gang's 'tech' member, inventing many devices and contraptions to help the Freedom Fighters. Hardly a fighter, Porker has a nervous disposition and prefers to stay in the lab rather than on the battlefield. He is, however, an invaluable member to the team; without his gadgets (and constant repairs to the Tornado) the gang wouldn't be where they are now.

However, the mild-mannered pig isn't all he seems to be. In a story about his past, it is revealed that he used to be a notorious gang leader named Oscar the Pig in the Special Zone. He decided to quit the life of crime and dedicated his life to science.

During the Brotherhood of the Metallix Saga, Porker was captured on the Miracle Planet by the evil Brotherhood of Metallix. After being rescued, he had a nervous breakdown; all of the action over the years was too much for him. He went to live on the Floating Island with Knuckles but eventually re-joined the Freedom Fighters for the Chaos Saga.


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  • Humourously, Porker started out like a normal pig with trotters and was quite chubby. He somehow evolved hands and feet and became quite slender and slim; this was probably because realistically he would have a hard time inventing anything with trotters. Porker was probably the most drastically changed character in the comic.
  • Porker Lewis is referenced as one of the original Freedom Fighters, in the early SatAM concepts [1], but the character was dropped for the final version.