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Death Egg
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Death Egg
Sixth hub arena, Sonic Battle
Level theme: Death Egg
Non-English names:
  • JP: ヂス・エッグ
Gimme Shelter
This article deals with Death Egg as an area in Sonic Battle. For other uses and levels, see Death Egg.

A final overworld level of such brevity as to rival its first incarnation, Death Egg is the terminal showdown of Sonic Battle for the Game Boy Advance. The area contains little bar three consecutive boss fights; Emerl vs. Dr. Eggman twice, and then Sonic vs. Emerl.


After Eggman unveils what is at least the fourth iteration of his orbital battleship high above Holy Summit, Team Sonic gathers to decide who should use Tails' one-warp transponder charge to teleport up there and stop the fat scientist's schemes. Unlike the last fighting game, a conclusion is reached without horrible inter-hero violence: everyone agrees that Emerl should go, and settle the score with the obese man who reactivated him in the first place.

After two hard-fought battles, and in a manner much like his later Sonic Unleashed ploy, the defeated Eggman begs to be spared and forgiven. But it's a trick; he then activates the "Final Egg Blaster", the Death Egg's destructive superweapon, apparently taking out an entire cluster of stars. Emerl's Gizoid programming requires him to obey those who demonstrate "overwhelming power", and Eggman intended the Final Egg Blaster to force Emerl into his service. However, the weapon works too well for Emerl's programming to cope with; rather than obey Eggman, the robot goes berserk, and re-charges the Blaster intending to destroy Sonic's world.

Wielding the Master Emerald in an effort to counteract Emerl's seven absorbed Chaos Emeralds, Sonic himself has to teleport up to the Death Egg and engage in a final battle to stop his insane friend. Much easier than the previous fight, Sonic terminally disables the robot - saving the world, but destroying Emerl.

Battle arena

The Death Egg Battle Arena.

Aboard the space station, Emerl fights Eggman in his Egg Mobile in the Death Egg's unnamed arena; the only time in the entire game that the Doctor personally enters the fray. The vehicle's ability to spam missiles all over the place makes Eggman almost impossible to approach, let alone KO, and these fights are widely considered the hardest in the game by a considerable margin. Luckily, the Battle Arena is also by far the largest; a vast square surface devoid of any obstacles. Eggman shows little interest in pursuing the player back and forth, allowing the "hide in a corner and heal" tactic to bear significant fruit.

This arena is only played for the final battles in Story Mode; it is not available for play in other game modes.


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