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  • ...served as the linear notes to the game. Each poster featured a full-sized portrait of Sonic on one side, the first with Sonic behind a turntable, the other si {{track|Invincible ...No Fear!|time=1:00|credits=Music, Arrange, Guitar & Program: Jun Senoue; Bass:
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  • ...been altered, which is considered an issue by some. The N-Gage's screen is portrait, so the most notable change in gameplay is the choice between a full resolu defeated within days of the release by a group calling itself Blizzard (no relation to the makers of ''Diablo II'').
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  • ...C select menu from Time Attack, the music is DIRECTLY from sonic crackers; no difference whatsoever. * The Zone has no end-sign - it's just simply a flat section and then a wall. On the other si
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  • Robotnik: ''But no more! No more! I am hereby declaring Sonic the Hedgehog as Mobius' most wanted fugit Robotnik: '''''NO!'''''
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  • ...onic which grants an additional life and a portrait of Eggman which offers no reward. In the first ''[[Sonic the Hedgehog (8-bit)|Sonic the Hedgehog]]'', ...''[[Sonic Blast]]'' removes the Flicky, returning the Eggman sign to the "no-prize" status, the untouched sign being blank. The prize given for getting
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  • * Sonic's World — "No Exit" ([[Sonic the Comic 099|Issue #99]]) ...Fan art submitted by readers. The theme for this issue's Graphic Zone is "Portrait Gallery", featuring the cast of the comic. Owners of the printed art each w
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