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Due to Sonic the Hedgehog's popularity, his series is often featured or parodied within a large amount of movies and television shows.


Film Year Description Screenshot
Wayne's World 1992-02-14 Footage from Sonic the Hedgehog appears in the background of an advert for the fictional Noah's Arcade, including a prototype version of Marble Zone with UFOs. Wayne'sWorldSLZ.png

References WaynesWorld Film Sonic1 MarbleZoneUFOs.png
Otto - Der Liebesfilm 1993-07-16 The protagonist Amor, playing the role of Cupid, is caught goofing off with a Mega Drive, Arcade Power Stick, and assorted games - including Sonic the Hedgehog.[1] Sega was not just the licensed producer of Otto games, but reportedly also co-financed the previous film Otto - Der Außerfriesische[2], with this sponsorship extending into Der Liebesfilm as well.[3] References OttoDerLiebesfilm Film ArcadePowerStick.png
Hocus Pocus 1993-07-16 In one scene, a trick-or-treater wearing a Sonic costume walks past the three witches.[4] References HocusPocus Soniccostume.png
The Gate to the Mind's Eye 1994-06-30 One of the film's featured animations is a segment from the 1993 Sega AS-1 ride film Megalopolis: Tokyo City Battle, and features numerous brief appearances of Sega products and Sonic the Hedgehog.[5] References Megalopolis AS1 Sonicbeer.png
Jingle All the Way 1996-11-16 A person in a Sonic costume appears towards the end of the movie. JingleAllTheWay SonicCameo.png
Adeus, Pai 1996 At the beginning of the movie, Filipe is seen playing Sonic the Hedgehog for the Sega Game Gear. Sonic in Adeus Pai.png
Home Alone 3 1997-12-12 While searching through a drawer for a dog whistle, numerous Sega Genesis cartridges can be seen; among them is a copy of Sonic 3D Blast.[5] References HomeAlone3 Film Sonic3DBlast.png
Rebirth of Mothra III 1998-12-12 A Tails plush is seen hanging inside Mr. Sonoda's truck. Shortly afterward, Sonic and Tails plushes are seen in the Sonoda family dining room. References RebirthofMothraIII Film Sonicplush Tailsplush.png
Tomie: Another Face 1999-10-25 A Sonic poster can seen in the background of a scene. References TomieAnotherFace Film Sonic.png
Josie and the Pussycats 2001-04-11 Numerous references to Sonic the Hedgehog products and games can be seen near one character's personal computer. Sonic scene member biggestsonicfan asked the film's directors about said references, to which it was revealed that although the filmmakers had full permission to use everything that appears in the final film, none of them were actually paid product placements.[6] References JosieandthePussycats Film Sonic.png
Master Q: Incredible Pet Detective 2003 In one scene, a room is decorated with a small poster containing artwork from Sonic Advance 2. References MasterQIncrediblePetDetective Film SonicAdvance2poster.png
Citizen Dog 2004-12-12 A character is shown playing The House of the Dead at a Sega-focused arcade, including an appearance from a Sonic the Hedgehog standee. References CitizenDog Film HouseoftheDead Sonic.png
Hitch 2005-02-11 In one scene near the beginning of the film, there is an ice cream truck with a very clear picture of the infamous Sonic the Hedgehog ice cream bar on the side. Other recognizable characters include Mario, Dora the Explorer, Bugs Bunny, Tweety Bird, Bubbles from The Powerpuff Girls, SpongeBob SquarePants and the Incredible Hulk. References Hitch Sonicicecream.png
Happy-Go-Lucky 2008-02-12 A character goes through his PlayStation collection and mentions owning a Sonic the Hedgehog game. References HappyGoLucky Film SonicPlayStation.png
Drillbit Taylor 2008-03-21 At the beginning of the movie, a Knuckles the Echidna Toy Island action figure can be seen above one of the kids' beds. References DrillbitTaylor Knuckles.png
Breathless 2008-10-08 Sonic & Knuckles can be seen in the background. References Film Breathless SonicKnuckles.png
Scott Pilgrim vs. the World 2010-08-13 The film uses the Ring collection sound effect to accompany game-like, in-movie descriptions for items and characters. When Pilgrim eventually hits the "Gets It" button, the film uses the sound effect from Sonic the Hedgehog 2's end-of-level points tally, and Ramona's hammer uses the sound effect of Sonic entering a Special Stage. During a close-up of Roxy's face, the Ring collection sound effect can again be heard, and when Matthew Patel bursts into the room, the Spin Dash sound effect can be heard when the movie's split-screen effect focuses in on Pilgrim.[5] References ScottPilgrimvsTheWorld Film SpecialStagesfx.jpeg
Wreck-It Ralph 2012-10-29 Sonic makes numerous appearances throughout the movie, with his most notable appearance being a speaking role early on in the movie at Game Central Station where he warns other video game characters about the dangers of game-jumping. Some of his other appearances include attending Fix-It Felix Jr.'s 30th Anniversary party, and running through Chemical Plant Zone during the credits (also featuring an appearance from Flame Mobile.) Dr. Eggman also appears as one of the many attendees of the Bad-Anon support group alongside fellow Sega villains Neff (from Altered Beast) and Cyril (from The House of the Dead). Additionally, Tails appears as a drawing on the celebrity wall in the bar from Tapper, and a Sonic the Fighters cabinet can be seen during the 30-year timeskip at the beginning of the movie. During the movie's production, director Rich Moore received numerous requests from both Nintendo and Sega to make their respective villain "larger" in relation to the movie's other villains.[7] References WreckItRalph villainsanonymous.webp
The Circle 2017-04-26 As part of her company onboarding process, protagonist Mae Holland is asked whether she prefers Mario or Sonic the Hedgehog.[8] References Film TheCircle MarioSonic.png
Ready Player One 2018-03-28 Sonic is used as an avatar by an unknown person to interact with others in the interconnected virtual space called the OASIS. He appears again very briefly in the Final Battle where he uses a Homing Attack.[9] References ReadyPlayerOne Sonic.png
Ralph Breaks the Internet 2018-11-05 In this sequel to Wreck-It Ralph, Sonic makes more appearances in the movie. His most notable appearance is where he explains to Ralph what wi-fi is after Mr. Litwak installs the wireless router. He is also shown attending Zangief's book club during the ending. Dr. Eggman also appears as a background character in some scenes.[10][11] References RalphBreakstheInternet Sonic.jpg
Guns Akimbo 2019-09-09 While distracted on his phone, someone bumps into Miles - with his imagination depicts Rings exploding out of him in the same manner as the games. References GunsAkimbo Film Rings.gif
Petrov's Flu 2021-07-12 Petrov's son attends a New Year's Eve party dressed in a Sonic the Hedgehog costume. In a later scene, Petrov and his son pass the costume's head back and forth like a ball. References PetrovsFlu Film Soniccostume.png
Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers 2022-05-16 "Ugly Sonic", directly based on the character's original design from the 2020 film Sonic the Hedgehog, makes numerous appearances as one of the plot's more notable supporting characters.[12] Ugly Sonic is also used to satirize the character of Sonic growing increasingly self-aware of the franchise's more embarrassing moments, making comments like "You can't hurt my feelings if I'm in on the joke!"[13] References ChipnDaleRescueRangers Film UglySonic.jpeg
Thirteen Lives 2022-07-29 A character is seen playing Sonic Mania on a Xbox One. References Film ThirteenLifes SonicMania.png
Transformers: Rise of the Beasts 2023-05-27 In order to conceal their identities while communicating over the radio, the codename "Tails" is assigned to Kris Diaz, "Sonic" to his older brother Noah, and "Knuckles" to Mirage. Notavailable.svg


Show Episode Date Description Screenshot
Roseanne S04E15 1992-02-04 In the episode "The Back Story", DJ receives a Super Nintendo for Christmas, and upon it being set up for him asks, "Oh, is this like that new game that just came out, the one with the hedgehog in it?"
BT Plumbing advert 1992 A person playing a Game Gear is featured at the beginning of the advert, with the sound effects being taken from Sonic the Hedgehog's Special Stage.[14] References BTPlumbingadvert TV GameGear SonicSpecialStagesfx.png
S08Exx 1992-07-30 Pete Beale buys Martin Fowler a Game Gear with Sonic the Hedgehog for his birthday. References TV EastEnders GameGear.png
S09Exx 1993-07-08 Nigel Bates helps daughter Clare Bates play Sonic the Hedgehog. References Eastenders TV SonictheHedgehog.png
Brookside S1E1221 1993-03-01 A character is seen playing Sonic the Hedgehog 2. References Brookside TV Sonic2.png
The Bill S10E01 1994-01-04 In the episode "Games", a Sonic poster can be seen. References TheBill TV Sonic.png
The Tomorrow People (1992) S02E01 1994-01-04 In the episode "The Culex Experiment", Kevin is seen playing Sonic the Hedgehog 2 in a Mega Drive.
Are You Afraid of the Dark? S03E12 1994-04-09 In the episode "The Tale of the Crimson Clown", a Sonic the Hedgehog 2 poster can be seen in a bedroom behind a desk. References AreYouAfraidoftheDark TV Sonic2poster.png
Bread advert 1994 An advertisement for a currently-unknown Scottish bread company features a child playing a Game Gear, accompanied by Sonic & Knuckles sound effects.
Seinfeld S06E05 1994-10-27 In the episode "The Couch", when George attempts to rent the movie Breakfast at Tiffany's instead of reading the book, multiple rows of Sega Genesis games can be spotted in the video rental store. Amongst these games are Sonic Spinball, Sonic the Hedgehog 3, and Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine. References Seinfeld TV videostore1.jpeg
S08E13 1997-01-30 In the episode "The Comeback", further Sega Genesis games can be seen, including reappearances from Sonic Spinball and Sonic the Hedgehog 3.[15] References Seinfeld TV videostore2.jpg
Space Ghost Coast to Coast S01E10 1994-11-11 In the episode "Gum, Disease", Space Ghost is playing Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles on his guest monitor after the commercial break.[16] The Sonic & Knuckles main theme plays while Space Ghost guides Sonic and Tails through Hidden Palace Zone, only to have Sonic walk into Knuckles and causing him to lose all his rings. Right before he turns the game off, Knuckles' theme starts to play. Due to legal issues with Sega about the scene, this episode was left out of the DVD releases of the show. SG-plays-Sonic.png
Doraemon S29E1332 1994-12-23 In the episode "Santa Chimney", Tails is being played in a Sonic the Hedgehog game. In the brief appearance, Tails ends up being damaged by a Badnik. References Doraemon TV Tails.png
The Simpsons S07E11 1995-12-17 In the episode "Marge Be Not Proud", a parody of Sonic appears in Bart's conscience convincing him to steal a video game, Bonestorm, all while speaking with a Sega Scream-like voice.[17] Sonicbart.png
S19E11 2008-01-27 In the episode "That 90s' Show", he appears on a billboard alongside Amy Rose, in reference to "Sonic Says" from Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog.[17] That 90s show.jpg
S23E05 2011-11-13 In the episode "The Food Wife", a very Sonic-looking character that almost looks like a fusion between Sonic and Blaze can be seen in the background when the Simpson family attend "E4" (a parody of E3, the world's largest annual video game convention.)[17] The Simpsons TheFoodWife Sonic.jpg
S32E15 2021-03-14 In the episode "Do PizzaBots Dream of Electric Guitars?", Comic Book Guy tells Homer how "social media super soldiers" got studios to spend millions in removing Sonic the Hedgehog's creepy human teeth in the 2020 live-action film Sonic the Hedgehog, referring to how the negative reaction from critics and fans to Sonic's appearance in the first trailer convinced Paramount Pictures to entirely redesign the character. References Simpsons PizzaBots TV Sonicmovieredesign.png
The X-Files S03E03 1995-06-10 In the episode "D.P.O." the music for Green Hill Zone can be heard inside an arcade. References XFiles TV GHZmusic arcade.png
Dr. Zitbag's Transylvania Pet Shop S0xExx 199x In one episode, Dr. Zitbag is playing a video game called Chronic the Warthog.
Robot Wars A robot named Kronic the Wedgehog was designed around Sonic the Hedgehog, featuring blue coloration with quill-like spikes. References RobotWars TV KronicTheWedgehog.png
A robot named Humphrey was originally decorated with a green, Sonic the Hedgehog-like mascot. References RobotWars TV Humphrey.png
Touched by an Angel S03E18 1997-02-16 During a scene set in an arcade, the title screen music from Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine can be heard.
Bernard's Watch 199x An unofficial graffiti-like rendition of Sonic the Hedgehog appears on the wall through a shop window.[18] References BernardsWatch TV Sonicartwork.jpeg
Kare Kano S01Exx 1998-xx-xx In one episode, a filtered video shot on the streets of Tokyo is shown, with advertisements for the then-upcoming Sega Dreamcast and Sonic Adventure seen hanging on a street light.[19] References KareKano TV Dreamcast SonicAdventure.jpeg
Big Wolf on Campus S01E22 1999-09-24 In the episode "Game Over", Tommy is attacked by a video game character named Dirk Strykem (an obvious parody of Duke Nukem) and tries to convince his friend Merton to help him. Merton doesn’t believe him, so he sarcastically replies that he’ll help him, asking if he should also keep an eye peeled for Sonic the Hedgehog.[5] References TV BigWolfOnCampus SonicEyesPeeled.png
Fun House Season 11 October 1999 In the final series, one of the prizes a contestant can win is a Dreamcast with Sonic Adventure. References TV TopFun Dreamcast.png
Malcom in the Middle S02E04 2000-11-19 In the beginning of the episode "Dinner Out", Malcom and Stevie are playing Sonic R with strange sound effects.[20] Stevie, who uses a wheelchair, is playing as Amy - the only racer in Sonic R that is on-wheels. References MalcolmintheMiddle SonicR.png
Animal Planet's Weird Dogs The host mentions strange animals that people keep as pets (like a pig, a pony, or donkey), but then gets lists 'hedgehog'. They go on to state that people owning hedgehogs used to be rare until the inception of the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise, and shows a picture of Sonic Advance artwork as a visual aid.[18]
Popee the Performer advert 2001 A commercial for the show features the titular protagonist Popee playing a UFO Catcher in an attempt to win one of the machine's Sonic or Tails plushies.[21] References PopeePerformer TV UFOCatcher Sonicplush Tailsplush.jpeg
Ty the Tasmanian Tiger commercial N/A 2002 The commercial for the video game Ty the Tasmanian Tiger features Sonic the Hedgehog, Crash Bandicoot and Spyro the Dragon completely covered in bandages in a hospital room, with boomerangs wedged in their bodies. The titular character walks through the ward and scares them. TyTheTasmanianTiger Commercial.png
Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo S01E1 2003-12-06 The character Don Patch is an allusion to Sonic the Hedgehog in both design and attitude, even featuring the ability to enter a Super Sonic mode. References Bobobo TV DonPatch.png
Holly & Stephen's Saturday Showdown Season 1 2004 One of the promos features the characters inserted into Sonic Heroes. References TV MOM SonicHeroes.png
Game Over S01E01 2004-03-10 The Smashenburn family adopt a Sonic-like pet named Turbo who is a 300-pound talking doglike creature with a spiked mohawk and singular furrowed brow. In episode 3, Dark Princess Chang mentions next semester's school play is called Sonic and the Angry Inch. References GameOver TV Turbo.png
Video Mods 2004-03-10 In the music video "Stand and Choose", Tails and Knuckles can be seen waiting in line at one of the park's voting booths, while Sonic is playing checkers with from Mortal Kombat's Scorpion. References VideoMods TV Soniccheckers.png
Arcade Gamer Fubuki Season 1 DVD 2004 The main menu for the 2004 Season 1 DVD release features artwork from Sonic Adventure in the background, and uses a Sega logo font.[18] References ArcadeGamerFubuki TV DVDmenu SonicAdventure.jpeg
Megas XLR S02E05 2004-11-27 In the episode "Thanksgiving Throwdown", Coop, Kiva, and Jamie are watching floats at a Thanksgiving Day parade. One of the floats is a character called "Auggie the Adorable Aardvark", a parody of the infamous Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Sonic balloon. Strangely enough, this is the float in which an alien spore fuses with to fight Coop in his Megas. Auggie even uses a move exactly like the Spin Dash. MegasXLR AuggieTheAardvark.png
Top Gear S05E07 2004-12-12 When Jeremy is discussing the differences between the Mitsubishi EVO 8 FQ-400 and its regular version, he mentions the "Sonic the Hedgehog-arrangement on the roof to keep it straight and true at speed". References TopGear TV EVO8-400 Sonicaero.png
Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi S02E19 2005-08-26 In the episode "Camping Caper", as Yumi goes to save Ami from Big Foot, her journey is stylized like an 8-bit era video game. During her quest, she runs like Sonic the Hedgehog, and traverses a Sonic-series shuttle loop. References HiHiPuffyAmiYumi TV ShuttleLoop.png
Coronation Street S31E171 2006-08-27 Chesney is shown playing Sonic the Hedgehog on a PC. References TV CoronationStreet SonicTheHedgehog.png
Robot Chicken S03E05 2007-09-09 In the episode "Shoe", Sonic the Hedgehog is running over the speed limit in Green Hill Zone, causing two policemen from the SWAT team to stop him using a spike strip. Sonic is portrayed by a modified ReSaurus Sonic Adventure action figure. References RobotChicken Spikestrip.png
S10E12 2020-03-31 In the episode "Callie Greenhouse in: Fun. Sad. Epic. Tragic.", two animals are talking about Sonic the Hedgehog, and one questions if there is anything Sonic cannot outrun. It shows that Sonic is running from depression, with a PSA for suicide prevention appears on screen. Sonic is portrayed by the same action figure as the previous Sonic-related skit. References RobotChicken TV Sonicdepression.png
S10E13 2020-06-28 In the episode "Max Caenen in: Why Would He Know If His Mother’s a Size Queen", Sonic the Hedgehog is in a library, reaching for a book which falls on him and causes him to drop his Rings. The sound effect of his Rings dropping and from collecting them upsets the other library visitors. References RobotChicken TV Soniclibrary.jpeg
S11E13 2021-09-24 In the episode "Happy Russian Deathdog Dolloween 2 U", The Nerd attends a Halloween party as the "feature film Sonic the Hedgehog original CGI design." Later at the party, he is encouraged to "gotta go fast" and proceeds to run around the room. References RobotChicken TV NerdSoniccostume.png
Code Monkeys S02E13 2008-08-17 In the episode "Car Robber Sunnyvale", Todd is developing a video game titled Colonic the Hedgehog, and later manages to acquire a pregnant hedgehog - which eventually gives birth to numerous babies of different colors, all wearing red and white shoes. The episode also features an homage to the Sonic-series' ribbon-backed titlecards.
Angel's Friends S01E07 2009-10-20 In the episode "Truth and Lies", the character Andrew is seen wearing a Sonic X-themed backpack. References AngelsFriends TV SonicXbackpack.png
Russell Howard's Good News 2009 One of the show's transitional bumpers is an image of a toy drum-playing monkey, whose drum contains an unlicensed picture of Tails.[22] References RussellHowardsGoodNews TV Tailsdrummermonkey.jpeg
Tosh.0 S02E16 2010-07-14 In the episode "WoW Freakout (Investigation)", host Daniel Tosh shows footage of a Sonic the Hedgehog 2 speedrun, and pretends to perform a speedrun himself.[23] References Tosh0 Sonic2speedrun.png
S04E07 2012-03-13 In the episode "Parkour Girl", host Daniel Tosh comments on a failed parkour video with "Of course, the greatest parkourer of all time was Sonic the Hedgehog – who died turboing through a triple corkscrew. He got greedy."[24] References Tosh0 Sonic4parkour.png
Jeopardy! 2011-02-14 In a special episode, the IBM supercomputer Watson competes against the show's two highest-earning contestants in a multiple-choice style quiz. An example question is then shown, with one of the answers being Sonic the Hedgehog. References Jeopardy TV Sonic.png
2011-07-08 In the category "Cute and Cuddly", the Double Jeopardy question was: "Tails is a big-eyed friend of this ever-popular hedgehog", to which a contestant successfully buzzing in with the answer "Who is Sonic?"[25] References Jeopardy TV Tailsfriend.jpeg
2011-12-07 In the category "Urban Dictionary Lingo", the first question was "Drop one letter off the species Sonic is, and you'll get a word".
All Worked Up S01E34 2011 In one episode, an upset man with dwarfism enters Lizard Lick Towing, demanding the return of his car after it was repossessed. Once Ron and Bobby enter the scene and greet the man, he asks Bobby, “What do you want, Sonic the Hedgehog?”
truTV Presents: World's Dumbest... S11E03 2011-06-16 In one segment, a teenager performs in a live-action recreation of a Sonic the Hedgehog game by running and flipping over obstacles while special effects make it appear as if he is simultaneously collecting Rings. References WorldsDumbest TV SuperJerseySonic.png
The Looney Tunes Show S01E10 2011-07-05 After Wile E. Coyote freezes the desert with the ACME Insta-Winter device, a Sonic-series loop is seen in the background. References LooneyTunesShow TV ShuttleLoop.png
Dofus: The Treasures of Kerubim S01E05 2011 Kerub falls on snow while rolling and becomes a snowball. The screen changes to a side-scrolling platform style, and Kerub falls in the middle of a loop after grabbing a Ring, losing one of his lives. References DofusTheTreasuresofKerubim TV ShuttleLoop.png
Parks and Recreation S04E05 2011-10-27 Ron Swanson looks through Andy's toolbox in which he finds "some cartridge that says Sonic and Hedgehog".[26] ParksAndRecreationSonicAndHedgehog.png
Ben-To S01E02 2011-10-16 In the episode "Mackerel Boiled in Miso Bento 674kcal", the protagonist receives a message on his mobile phone, revealed to use wallpaper of Sonic the Hedgehog. Notavailable.svg
S01E04 2011-10-30 In the episode "Ginger Fried Pork Bento 852kcal", it is revealed the protagonist has a poster of Sonic the Hedgehog in his room. Referenes BenTo TV SonicPoster.png
Breaking Bad S04E04 2011-08-07 Jesse Pinkman plays Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing with a prostitute.[27] BreakingBadAllstarsRacing.png
S04E11 2011-09-25 Jesse plays Sonic 2006's multiplayer mode on Wave Ocean with his girlfriend's son.[28] Unbelievably, they appear to be having fun while doing so. BreakingBadSonic2006.png
S05E03 2012-07-29 Jesse plays Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing again, but this time with his girlfriend and her son.[27] References BreakingBad HazardPay SonicSegaAllStarsRacing.png
Wakfu S02E15 2011-11-12 In the episode "Wabbit Island", the Brotherhood of Tofu run through the Wabbit Dungeon in a side-scrolling platform game style - including a Sonic-style loop. References Wakfu TV ShuttleLoop.png
S02E22 2012-01-28 In the episode "The Silence of the Rings", the title card depicts Percedal running with stylized figure 8-feet toward the Eggman-like villain Cassis (piloting a mecha), with the background filled with Rings and reminiscent of Emerald Hill Zone. References Wakfu TV Sonic Eggman.png
The Fairly OddParents S08E02 2011-11-23 Poof performs a Spin Dash to fight off attacking gnomes. References FairlyOddParents TV SpinDash.png
Progressive commercial N/A 2012-01-06 Sonic runs around the Progressive store while Flo and another worker watch. The commercial uses two jingles from Sonic the Hedgehog 3. The invincibility music plays as he runs and the extra life music plays after Flo tells him about their price compare. Sonic Progressive.png
MAD S01E16 2011-02-28 Amy Rose appears as one of the candidates in "Gaming's Next Top Princess". Compared to the other characters in the scene, she is drawn as-is and not as a parody. References MAD AmyRose.png
S01E23 2011-03-30 One episode featured an ad parody of Sonic Brand Sneakers. References MAD Sonicsneakers.png
S03E01 2012-05-28 In the episode "The Iron Giant Lady", a look is taken at what a lady version of The Iron Giant would look like, briefly showing the success of other lady robots. Bunnie Rabbot is included in this, defeating Chuck Norris in a martial arts tournament. However, this is somewhat inaccurate, as Bunnie is a cyborg. BunnieInMAD.png
S03E02 2012-06-04 In the episode "Franklin & Crash", Sonic appears as a prosecutor at the trial, presenting compelling video evidence showing the Prince of All Cosmos in the process of creating various katamaris. References MAD Sonicprosecutor.png
S03E11 2012-09-27 In the episode "Diary of a Wimpy Kid Icarus", Sonic the Hedgehog and Dr. Eggman can be seen as students at Video Game School. MAD-Ep60-Sonic.png
S03E19 2012-11-29 In the episode "Here Comes the Doom/Brain Purge", parodies of famous video game characters make an appearance, including Sonic the Hedgehog and Dr. Eggman.
Carrossel S01E01 2012-05-21 While Davi and Marcelina are playing, sound effects from the Mega Drive Sonic the Hedgehog games can be heard.
WKRN-TV's News 2 This Morning 2012-06-15 A video of a white hedgehog having trouble getting out of a sink was shown, with reported Heather Jensen commenting that it "will need Tails to get out", and later commented that it "should curl into a ball and press C."
The Thick of It S04E01 2012-09-08 In the episode "Series 4 – Episode 1", Stewart is compared to Dr. Robotnik. References TheThickOfIt TV DrRobotnik.png
Gravity Falls S01E10 2012-09-14 While giving examples of common power-ups that a video game character might acquire, Dipper mentions the Sonic series' trademark Rings.
World War Blue S01E01 2012-10-20 World War Blue is set in a fictionalized retelling of the 1990's console war between Nintendo and Sega. The main character Gear (a reference to Game Gear) is based on Sonic the Hedgehog, sporting blue hair and clothes, a desire to run, and his incredible "Killer Power" speed. After his friend and adoptive brother Til (a blond, yellow/orange clothed reference to Tails), he enlists in the war, soon earning him the nickname "Blue Sonic". During the credits, sparkling gold rings can be seen with Gear standing by a checkered background. The English dub inserts a number of additional references to various console slogans and game memes, such as "Gotta go fast!", as well as quoting song lyrics directly from Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2. References WorldWarBlue TV Gear.png
Jelly Jamm S02E09 2013 In the episode "The Man That Could Be King", Bello tries to help the King to get his chores done by presenting them as a sort of real-life video game, since the King is quite skilled at video games. Later, when The King picks weeds, the Ring collection sound effect from Sonic the Hedgehog is used.[5]
AwesomenessTV 2013 In one episode, an upset child holds a broken Jazwares 5" Super Sonic figure and claims that he wasn't the one who broke it.[29] References AwesomenessTV TV Jazwares5SuperSonic.jpeg
Impractical Jokers S02E12 2013-01-24 In the episode "The Love Expert", while the show's hosts are in New York City's Times Square in an attempt to give away free tickets to a broadway play, a person in a Sonic the Hedgehog costume can be seen in the crowd.
S06E22 2017-09-14 In the episode "The Walking Dread", Hosts Q, Murr, Sal, and Joe are at a botanical garden in the first challenge of the episode. During Q's turn, Joe brings out a canvas for Q to pretend to paint a portrait of him. While Q is painting a portrait of Joe, he mentions that Joe's spiky hairstyle resembles Sonic's.
The Ellen DeGeneres Show 2013-05-28 During one of the show's prank segments (where people can send in videos of themselves humorously copying another's actions), someone appears in a poorly-made Sonic the Hedgehog costume.[29]
Lol:-) S03Exx 2013 In one of the sketches of the Canadian comedy television series, a man tries to obtain a plush toy by playing a carnival attraction. Several plush toys can be seen, including a Nanco plushie of Sonic the Hedgehog. References LOL TV Sonicplushie.png
Hyperdimension Neptunia: The Animation S01E01 2013-07-12 Purple Heart (a character which represents the shows' Sega homages) mentions the slogan "Welcome to the Next Level", a detail exclusive to the English dub. Later, an alternate version of the same character shouts "Sonic jump!" while playing a video game. References HyperdimensionNeptuniaAnimation TV Sonicjump.jpeg
S01E11 2013-09-20 During a celebratory festival, Neptune accidentally bumps into Abnes and drops a chest full of golden Rings she was holding, and Nepgear then instructs Abnes to put the rings into the "Green Hill" attraction. In a later scene, Abnes can be seen bumping into a green Sonic mascot. References HyperdimensionNeptuniaAnimation TV Rings greenSonic.jpeg
The Big Bang Theory S01E11 2010-01-08 In the episode "The Bozeman Reaction", Sheldon mentions that someone stole his copy of "Mario & Sonic at the Winter Olympics".[30] References BigBangTheory TV MarioSonicOlympicWinterGames.png
S07E02 2013-09-26 In the episode "The Deception Verification", the Shadow and Rouge Jazwares figures can be seen alongside a Scent Blasters display. References BigBangTheory ScentBlasters.png
Teen Titans Go! S01E29 2013-10-16 In the episode "Starfire the Terrible", Robin tries restyling his hair, with one of his hairstyles resembling Sonic's quills. References TeenTitansGo Robinhairquills.png
S07E43 2022-05-27 In the episode "The Perfect Pitch", while putting ideas for their animation into their computer, the "needs talking animals" idea is represented with a round, green character with blue spines and blue shoes, who says, "Need to run fast!" In the animation, it is seen running and looping through the word "Cool" before saying, "Spikey time." Later, the villain Toy Master brought the character to life, where it attacks Beast Boy with a Spin Attack. References TeenTitansGo TV greenSonic.png
Trust Me, I'm a Gameshow Host S01E05 2013-11-19 When two hosts offer two "facts", a contestant must choose which one they feel is correct, and one is eventually revealed as false. When presented with the statements "Pizza Hut is the only pizzeria allowed to deliver to the White House" and "President Bill Clinton was an inspiration for the video game character Sonic the Hedgehog", the contestant Patricia chooses the former statement as true, losing the round.
Steven Universe S01E01 2013-11-04 Steven owns a small figurine parody of Sanic, a popular Sonic the Hedgehog meme character. References StevenUniverse Sanic.jpeg
Steven also owns a small figurine parody of a proper Sonic the Hedgehog. References StevenUniverse Sonicfigurine.png
Amethyst is seen curling into a ball and spin rolling like Sonic the Hedgehog, and later performs a homing attack. References StevenUniverse Amethystspindash.png
Steven and Peridot are attacked by a Sonic the Hedgehog-like desert creature. References StevenUniverse Soniccreature.png
TripTank S01E08 2014-03-21 In the sketch "Game Hole", Bethany and Jennifer go to a game store and damage a game console called the Virtus Edge, resulting in the sketch's protagonists being transformed into famous video game characters - with the store's clerk becoming Sonic the Hedgehog. References TripTank TV Soniccostume.png
The Morning Show 2012-06-15 During an interview with Jesse Sukunda and Julia Schwartz (hosts of Disney's Gaming Show in my Parents' Garage), a video is shown of Jesse playing Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric at Sega of America's offices. Later, a performer in a Sonic the Hedgehog costume walks around the offices and interacts with various employees.[31] References MorningShow GamingShow TV SOA Sonic.png
Hi-sCoool! SeHa Girls S01E06 2014-11-12 In the episode "Center-sensei's Center Exam", Center hosts an exam in which the girls must go into the world of Border Break, a robot shooter game, where they can win a large number of medals. Saturn, the only one who has to go on foot, is made into a decoy for the enemy, while Dreamcast struggles with her controls, leaving Mega Drive to take on most of the enemies. Just as the girls reach the enemy core, the game world is hacked by Doctor Eggman, who shrinks the girls and starts wreaking havoc until Sonic the Hedgehog appears.
S01E07 2014-11-19 In the episode "Eggman vs. Sonic with the Sega Hard Girls", The girls team up with Sonic to chase after Eggman through various dimensional warp zones, briefly passing through Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic Adventure. Luckily, upon returning to Border Break, the girls manage to retrieve Mega Drive's encyclopedia and give Sonic an invincibility power-up to defeat Eggman and stop the hacking, also destroying the enemy core and passing the exam in the process. The girls leave the game and, after nearly having Center's true identity revealed, receive 25 medals each.
Assassination Classroom S01E05 2015-02-13 After drinking sodium hydroxide, Koro-sensei's head turns blue and grows Sonic-like quills. References AssassinationClassroom TV Sonichead.png
Lucas Bros. Moving Co. S02E10 2015-03-27 The Government assigns the Lucas Bros to free the memory of Steve Urkel from Jaleel White's mind. White appears in the episode as a shut-in who has cut himself off from the rest of the world. In his run-down home, a picture of Sonic the Hedgehog in his SatAM design hangs on his wall, and he wears a Sonic T-shirt, both a reference to his voice acting in the 90s Sonic cartoons. References LucasBrosMovingCo TV Sonic.png
Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S02E19 2015-04-28 Skye jokes about Raina's new appearance, saying "I thought her gift was spinning really fast to collect gold rings". References MarvelsAgentsofSHIELD TV goldrings.png
Phantasy Star Online 2: The Animation S01E01 2016-01-07 The pond in the school's park is in the shape of Sonic's head, similar to the Sonic Team logo. Phantasy Star Online 2 The Animation Sonic cameo.png
Shaun Micallef's Mad as Hell S06E11 2016 One episode satirises Australian journalist Sarah Ferguson by tracing a photograph of her face onto classic Sonic the Hedgehog artwork.[32] References ShaunMicallefsMadasHell TV SarahFergusonic.png
Family Guy S14E18 2016-05-08 In the episode "The New Adventures of Old Tom", a game with similar box art to Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) is seen in a video game store. References FamilyGuy TV Sonic06.png
Os Under-Undergrounds S01E21 2016-07-18 In the episode "O Cavaleiro James", one of the skeletons of video game heroes who were defeated by the Black Knight closely resembles Sonic the Hedgehog. References OsUnderUndergrounds TV Sonicskeleton.png
Kamen Rider Ex-Aid S01E01 2016-10-02 When Ex-Aid is fleeing an attacking monster in his Level 1 form, he curls into a ball and performs a Spin Attack. References KamenRiderExAid TV SpinAttack.jpeg
The Amazing World of Gumball S05E05 2016-10-06 In the episode "The Vision", one of Alan Keane's selectable faces greatly resembles Dr. Eggman. References AmazingWorldofGumball TV AlanKeaneEggmanface.jpeg
S05E28 2017-03-07 In the episode "The Uncle", Ocho's has an uncle who appears extremely similar to Nintendo's mascot, Mario. However, Ocho claims to also have another uncle who is a fast, blur-like hedgehog. Later in the episode, Gumball runs with Sonic's stylized figure 8-feet. References AmazingWorldofGumball TV figure8feet.png
My Brother, My Brother and Me S01E05 2017-02-23 Griffin McElroy recalls a story where he meets Sonic the Hedgehog and Benjamin Franklin and smokes a big bag of weed with them.
OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes Pilot 2013-05-21 The pilot episode "Lakewood Plaza Turbo" features the first appearance of the recurring character Crinkly Wrinkly, a washed-up old mascot with Sonic-like features and accessories. References OKKO TV CrinklyWrinkly.png
S01E20 2017-08-18 In the episode "Everybody Like Rad?", a minor character at RadCon, named Shadamy, has her pink bangs shaped like Amy's, pink hair shaped like Shadow's quills, limbs colored peach, wears cuffs and shoes resembling Inhibitor Rings and Hover Shoes, and white gloves. Shadamy is an obvious reference to a popular fan pairing of Shadow the Hedgehog and Amy Rose. References OKKO Shadamy.png
S01E24 2017-09-01 In the episode "One Last Score", Ginger convinces K.O. into one last heist. She wears a jumpsuit with heart chestplate similar to Rouge the Bat's jumpsuit except with yellow instead of pink. Her neckerchief may also reference Rouge's wings. OK KO GingerAsRouge.png
S02E10 2018-05-18 In the episode "T.K.O.'s House", K.O. and T.K.O. play a game called Chip Adventure 2: Battle. References OKKO TV ChipAdventure2Battle.png
S03E10 2019-08-04 "Let's Meet Sonic", a special crossover episode, features Sonic and Tails themselves making an appearance, with Roger Craig Smith and Colleen Villard reprising their respective roles. OK KO LetsMeetSonic.png
S03E20 2019-09-06 In the episode "Thank You for Watching the Show", K.O. experiences strange time skips and soon confronts the character Boxman - who takes the form of "Dr. Roboxman", an Eggman-like villain in a floating mecha surrounded by gold Rings. In a later scene, posters containing scenes from former episodes are shown, of which one depicts a gold ring. References OKKO TV DrRoboxman.png
Fresh Off the Boat S04E07 2017-11-14 In the episode "The Day After Thanksgiving", Evan watches the Thanksgiving parade and mentions he saw Sonic. References TV FreshOffTheBoat ThanksgivingParade.png
Marcus Level S01E38 2017-11-16 In a race to deliver the most newspapers by mule and wagon, Ephi grabbed power-ups from question blocks. One of the power-ups recoloured Gladis the mule to that of Sonic's colours. References MarcusLevel TV Sonicmule.png
Craig of the Creek Pilot 2017-12-01 In the pilot episode, Craig's room is decorated with "Slide the Ferret", a parody of Sonic the Hedgehog. References CraigoftheCreek TV Slideposter.png
S01E38 2019-02-25 In the episode "The Great Fossil Rush", a child is seen wearing a T-shirt with a yellow ring on it, and a pair of red shoes with white buckles. References CraigoftheCreek TV ringshirt.png
S02E30 2020-03-22 In the episode "Kelsey the Worthy", Kelsey reads a comic that parodies various Sonic the Hedgehog characters (with accompanying music) in a similar tone to the television series The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog. Doctor Robomelette attempts to use his "animaltronic" to defeat Slide the Ferret. Slide breaks into the Doctor's lab, and using some sort of sphere to power-up (like a Ring), he kicks Robomelette in the face. Craig later explains that Slide is super fast by comparing him to Sonic. References CraigoftheCreek TV Robomelette.png
S02E36 2020-06-04 In the episode "Ferret Quest", the episode's title card depicts Slide the Ferret striking a pose similar to that of a Sonic game's titlecard. In pursuit of a pet ferret, Craig uses his knowledge of the character Slide the Ferret to look for one. His phone depicts Slide running through a shuttle loop, states Slide's favorite food is pastrami on rye (a Chili Dog reference), and that Slide has a crush on Glide the Ferret, whose design resembles both Amy Rose and Rouge the Bat. Craig eventually makes a recreation of the final stage from a game called Slide the Ferret 3 called "Creek Zone Act 1". Craig also imagines himself collecting gold triangles to boost himself to the goal, and flying with the help of his friend J.P. (who spins his arms to fly like Tails.) References CraigoftheCreek TV FerretQuest.jpg
S03E01-02 2020-06-21 In the episode "The Other Side: The Tournament", a character named Keun Sup competes with Craig in a game of Red Light, Green Light. When his phone alarm later goes off, he announces, "DINNER TIME! Chili Dogs! Gotta go home!" References CraigoftheCreek TV KeunSup.png
S03E11-12 2020-10-02 In the episode "Trick or Creek", Craig goes as Slide the Ferret for Halloween. He shows off his costume by running through a shuttle loop, collecting gold triangles and strikes a pose similar to the cover of Sonic Adventure. References CraigoftheCreek TV SonicAdventurepose.jpg
S03E21-22 2021-01-08 In the episode "Winter Break", Craig gets the game Slide Adventure 2: Battle for Christmas, made by a company named EGGA. References CraigoftheCreek TV SlideAdventure2Battle.jpg
S03E27 2021-03-05 In the episode "Fan or Foe", Craig and his friends attend Elder Con where Craig is cosplaying as Slide the Ferret. He meets a fellow Slide fan, and while playing the two make a reference to the "Faker" cutscene from Sonic Adventure 2. They later compete in a trivia match in a Blue Sphere-themed area which sports foliage from Emerald Hill Zone. References CraigoftheCreek TV convention.jpeg
S04E31 2023-04-03 In the episode "The Jump Off", one of Diane's comics is an issue where the Sonic-inspired Slide the Ferret goes back in time, including an appearance from the franchise's trademark loops. References CraigoftheCreek TV Slide timetravel.jpg
S05E06 2023-07-13 In the episode "The Team Up", Xavier is revealed to be a fan of the Sonic-inspired Slide the Ferret, with his room covered in comics, posters and merchandise of the character. Notavailable.svg
La Casa de Papel S01E05 2018-04-06 When the Professor is waiting in a police station after beating Alberto, someone is seen wearing a Sonic the Hedgehog T-shirt. References LaCasadePapel TV Sonicshirt.png
Ben 10 (2016) S02E21 2018-05-14 In the episode "That's The Stuff", while fighting another shapeshifter, Ben says, "You might know everything I'm gonna do but that ain't no good because I know everything you're gonna do!" - a reference to Sonic's line from the Hyper Metal Sonic fight scene in 1996's Sonic the Hedgehog. References Ben10 TV Sonicmoviequote.png
S02E23 2018-05-16 While Ben is playing as Xingo in his video game, he makes him curl into a spiky ball to roll down a hill, resembling Sonic's Spin Attack Later, he faces off against a villain riding in a mecha based on the Egg Mobile. References Ben10 TV EggMobile.png
S03E41 2019-10-26 In the episode "Xingo Nation", a cartoon fox named Xingo flies past a news reporter, spinning his tail to fly like Tails. References Ben10 TV Xingoflying.png
Emmerdale Unknown 2018-12-26 After Bob Hope accidentally got his children PlayStation 3 games for Christmas instead of PlayStation 4, he goes out the next day to return them and get the correct games. The one game he returns with is a slightly worn copy of Sonic Mania Plus. Emmerdale SonicManiaPlus.jpg
Amphibia S01E01 2019-06-17 In the episode "Best Fronds", a Dreamcast, Sonic Adventure, and Crazy Taxi are seen under the counter in a thrift store. References Amphibia TV Dreamcast SonicAdventure CrazyTaxi.png
S01E05 2019-06-24 In the episode "Anne Theft Auto", when Anne and Bessie are surrounded by hedgehogs, one of them is blue in color with red feet. References Amphibia TV bluehedgehog.jpeg
S02E12 2021-03-06 In the episode "Night Drivers", one of the obstacles that Sprig and Polly come across while driving is a shuttle loop which appears in an area roughly resembling Green Hill Zone. References Amphibia TV GHZ.png
S02E13 2021-03-13 In the episode "After the Rain", Polly spins in place similar to a Spin Dash, which even uses the trademark sound effect. References Amphibia TV SpinDash.png
S03E04 2021-10-23 In the episode "Fight at the Museum", a generic Sonic game can be seen alongside NiGHTS into Dreams... and a 3D Control Pad. References Amphibia TV NiGHTS Sonic 3DControlPad.jpeg
S03E06 2021-11-06 In the episode "Mr. X", one of the cinema's promotional stands is for a Sonic-like character named Fast Rat, with his slogan "I require acceleration!" References Amphibia TV FastRat.png
S03E14 2022-04-16 In the episode "The Core & The King", when Prince Andrias is chasing Leif through the Newtopia Castle laboratories with shelves full of specimens, two specimens consist of a blue hedgehog-like creature with many legs and an orange creature with twin fox-like tails to the right of it. References Amphibia TV SonicTailscreatures.png
Siren S02E12 2019-08-22 In the episode "Serenity", a character mentions his favourite childhood games, to whcih another characters asks him if he ever played Sonic the Hedgehog. References Siren TV SonicNintendo.png
Saturday Night Live S45E10 2019-12-21 On the show's Holiday Baking Championship segment, Eddie Murphy states that, as one of his favorite childhood memories was playing the Sonic series, he will attempt to bake a Sonic the Hedgehog cake, and shows viewers an illustration of the cake he is trying to make (a detailed and well-crafted novelty cake.) However, upon showing the actual cake he has prepared, it is revealed to be a brown, grotesque spiked blob with a pair of human dentures for an upper lip.[33] References SaturdayNightLive TV Soniccake.png
S45E18 2020-05-09 In the "Dreams" sketch, in which the cast members dream of normal life in New York City during the COVID-19 pandemic, Cecily Strong's dream involves her going to see a musical theatre show based on Sonic the Hedgehog. Both the logo, based on the one from the film, and artwork of Sonic shown in the sketch were fanmade and used without permission (with the logo being designed by Smez Prakezz and the art by Bryan Salter.)[34] References SaturdayNightLive TV SonictheMusical.png
Hi Score Girl II S01E05 2019-11-24 A scene in the second season depicts Sonic the Fighters running on a Megalo 50 as one of the many arcade games visible in the background. References HiScoreGirlII TV SonictheFighters.png
Power Rangers Beast Morphers S02E03 2020-03-07 In the episode "Game On!", when Devon is fighting his ranger clone, he exclaims "Gotta go fast!" before using his powers of extreme speed. References PowerRangersBeastMorphers TV Gottagofast.png
Steven Universe Future S01E17 2020-03-23 First appearing in the episode "Homeworld", the character Spinel is inspired by Sonic the Hedgehog, with her early concept art displaying a number of recognizable features (such as a similarly-stylized face and angular Soap shoes.)[35] In this episode, Spinel runs with stylized "figure-eight feet" like Sonic the Hedgehog, and rapidly spins her legs to fly like Tails. References StevenUniverse Spinel8feet.png
My Little Pony: Pony Life S01E13 2020-08-02 In the episode "Potion Mystery", Rainbow Dash drinks a potion from a blue bottle with a rough drawing of a spikey face on it. The potion sleeks her hair to resemble Sonic's quills and she runs in place with circular cartoon legs, excitedly saying "Gotta go dash!" References MyLittlePony TV Sonicpotion.png
Letterkenny S09E05 2020-12-26 In the episode "Sleepover", a character argues that the first Sonic game aged better than the first Mario game. References Letterkenny TV SonicMario.png
Solar Opposites S02E05 2021-03-26 In the episode "The Rad Awesome Terrific Ray", while distracted by an ice cream truck, Terry nearly orders the infamous Sonic the Hedgehog ice cream bar, but after associating its design with the backlash received from the original trailer for the 2020 Sonic the Hedgehog film, decides on a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles bar instead. References SolarOpposites TV Sonicpop.png
American Dad S16E01 2021-04-19 In the episode "Who Smarted?", in order to cheer up Hayley after Jeff breaks up with her, Francine gets her a Sonic the Hedgehog ice cream bar with the infamous gumball eyes. References AmericanDad TV Sonicpop.png
My Hero Academia S05E15 2021-07-10 In the episode "One Thing at a Time", one of the heroes from Gang Orca's hero agency bears a striking resemblance to Sonic the Hedgehog. References MyHeroAcademia TV Sonic.png
2020 Summer Olympics opening ceremony 2021-07-23 During the the Parade of Nations portion of the 2020 Summer Olympics opening ceremony in Tokyo, an orchestral remix of Star Light Zone's theme could be heard alongside an array of songs from other popular Japanese video game series.
Brooklyn Nine-Nine S08E02 2021-08-21 In the episode "The Lake House", a character says "slow down Sonic the Hedgehog" in response to a character speaking fast. References BrooklynNineNine TV Sonic.png
Pinocchio and Friends S01E13 2021-12-06 At the beginning of the episode, the Talking Cricket attempt to cheer up its friend Freeda by dancing with a toy robot based on E-123 Omega. References PinocchioandFriends TV Omega.png
Shenmue the Animation S01E02 2022-02-13 In the episode "Daybreak", a gachapon figure of Tails can be seen - the same one found in the original game. References ShenmuetheAnimation TV Tails.png
Warped! S01E12 2022-04-09 In the episode "Talented", a higher-pitched version of the Ring collection sound effect can be heard when viewers are tipping the talent show.
NCIS: Los Angeles S13E21 2022-05-15 In the episode "Down the Rabbit Hole", a bus advertising the second Sonic the Hedgehog film appears in the background. References NCISLosAngeles TV Sonic2film.png
La pu*@ ama Season 1 2022 Amy Rose is among the pundits analyzing the Argentina national team at the 2022 FIFA World Cup. References LaPuma TV WorldCup.jpg
Let's Make a Deal S14E15 2022-10-07 One episode features a reference to Rings. Notavailable.svg
Richard Osman's House of Games S06Exx 2022-12-xx A contestant is asked the questions:

A fox and which other animal feature in the title of Isaiah Berlin's 1953 essay on Tolstoy's view of history? What type of animal is the blue video game character known as Sonic?

References RichardOsmansHouseofGames TV Sonic.png
Uncle from Another World S01E12 2022-12-22 In the episode "Names Are Important, That's What (He/She) Said", the Uncle mentions his favourite soundtrack to Sega games including Strikers 1945, Sonic the Hedgehog, NiGHTS into Dreams, and Dynamite Headdy. References MyUncleFromAnotherWorld SonicTheHedgehog.jpg
Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur S01E01 2023-02-10 When Lunella's glove hits a lamppost, the onomatopoeia of her Os take on the appearance of Rings - and playing the accompanying sound effect from the Mega Drive Sonic games. References MoonGirlDevilDinosaur TV Rings.png
S02E11 2024-02-03 In the episode "Roller Jam", a character emulates the cover art of the Dreamcast version of Sonic Adventure. References MoonGirlsandDevilDinosaur TV SonicAdventure.jpg
Jury Duty S01E01 2023-04-07 The episode "Voir Dire" features a reference to the first Sonic the Hedgehog film. References MarcusLevel TV Sonicmule.png
Depp V Heard 2023-05 In a May 2023 trailer for the Netflix series Depp V Heard, a Charmy Bee plush is being held by a member of the crowd rallying outside the trial. References DeppVHeard TV CharmyBee.png
El Show del Lagarto 2023-07-24 A statue of Sonic the Hedgehog is seen at the Plaza de la Intendencia: Héroes de Malvinas in Córdoba, Argentina. Notavailable.svg
Big Brothers Big Sisters of America TV advert "It Takes Little to be Big" 2023-09-13 While a narrator lists a number of ways that youth mentors of Big Brothers Big Sisters of America can contribute to the lives of others, two people playing Sonic Frontiers are shown with the narration "A Spin Dash for the win."[36] References BigBrothersBigSisters TV Sonic.png
Shangri-La Frontier S01E01 2023-10-01 In the episode "What Do You Play Games For?", a poster for Sonic Frontiers can be seen. References ShangriLaFrontier TV SonicFrontiers.jpg
Scott Pilgrim Takes Off S01E01 2023-11-17 In the episode "Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little Life", Scott discusses the television series Sonic the Hedgehog and Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog. Later, Romana describes Scott as "the Sonic guy". References ScottPilgrim TV SonicCartoons.png
Ted S01E02 2024-01-11 In the episode "My Two Dads", Ted suggests buying a Sega Genesis. Cases for Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine and Sonic the Hedgehog 2 can be seen. References Ted TV SegaGenesis.png


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