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A lone isle in No Place.

No Place is an alternate universe within the Shatterverse where the world is mostly covered in the ocean.[1]


Knuckles the Dread commanded a crew of pirates on the ship Angel's Voyage in the seas of No Place before Sonic the Hedgehog and the Chaos Council showed up. It is an unexplored place with no laws, filled with sunken cities and empty islands.[2] Statues from the Ancients can be seen across the world. Knuckles in this universe was desperate to get his hands on the No Place Shard of the Paradox Prism, which he called "The Devil’s Lighthouse".[3]

Game appearances

Sonic Speed Simulator

In Sonic Speed Simulator Knuckles the Dread is unlocked as a playable character by searching for his lost treasure within No Place.[4] Green Hill can also be explored underwater in the game, with Doubloons able to be collected.[5]