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<forumuser name="Schala" /> Dani (also known as Illumina or Miss Dani) is an on-and-off member of Sonic Retro. She no longer considers herself a formal part of the Sonic community, but still continues to lurk at the Sonic Retro forums.


1998–2002: Pre-Sonic Scene

Dani wasn't very active online in her first few years of being on the Internet, but she had first used Yahoo! and Usenet in 1998. She had also browsed GameFAQs and various Final Fantasy (and other RPG-related) communities, but never really posted.

2002–2003: Mysterious Lurker and Troll

Schala started out as a lurker for her first 6 or so months of being in the Sonic community, and remembers when the original Andy Wolan SSRG shut down. She first registered at the Sonic Cult forums as "sonic chaotix" on around 8.4.2003 because they required registration to view (Dragon Goddess, her normal name that she used in some non-Sonic communities, was already taken), and started posting about a week later and was quickly banned for being a troll (although she was, in actuality, just being a prankster and faking the whole thing).

She then first registered on 15.4.2003 at Sonic Classic and Sonic Retro (then SWS2B) under the same name, and was banned from both of those boards. After that, she had been banned from about 10 or more boards, and gained such infamy that members like TailsAddict impersonated her. She was also impersonating Sutter (who is now a legitimate member of the Sonic community), and was a big fan of GerbilSoft's "BAN" image and constantly mentioned "AmyBitch" (who was actually an alternate account of LOst) within her first month or so in the community.

2003–2004: Temporary Hiatus and Return

She temporarily left the Sonic community in late 2003, and joined RCT Depot and forums, and was greatly accepted there. Another board she registered at was Acmlm's Board (now split into board2 and Jul), under the name SidotiService, and later switched to Dragon Goddess.

In 2.2004, she returned to Sonic Classic under the name Dragon Goddess, and later changed her name to TikalFan2K4. Unfortunately, she got banned again for bumping a year-old topic, as well as general trolling. She temporarily left the community again, only posting at a board called Digital Gate (which later became Kitsune Paradise).

2005: Second Return and Hiatus

She came back to the Sonic community again in early 2005, when she registered at Sonic Classic and Sonic Cult. She even came back to Sonic Retro (then SWS2B), but was eventually found out that she dodged a ban and was banned again.

She began to post at SSRG in June 2005, and was a legitimate user there. She was also a member of Masters of Fackin' board at that time, but she got in a fight with several members (and was also confused for Redlocks) and left. During this time, she left the Sonic community again, however she continued to lurk at Sonic 2 Beta (now Sonic Retro) as a guest. She was highly inactive until the beginning of 2006, when she moved from Albany to Newburgh.

2006–2007: Pwned Galaxy and Nayr Impersonation

She joined a board called Pwned Galaxy on her 22nd birthday, and was admin there until summer 2008. She also posted at various Acmlmboards along with her ex-girlfriend Katelyn (not to be confused with the current member Katelynn, formerly ThunderSpeed) for most of 2006 and 2007. It was also around this time when she stole the name Sarial Laisha from Nayr (now known as Ayla). She still, however, remained a lurker at Sonic Cult, etc. By May 2007, Schala dumped Katelyn and found her new girlfriend, Cathleen (which she knew back in school in 1995–2000).

She then joined Glitch City Forums on 19.10.2007, and posted semi-frequently there. Katelyn moved back in with her and Cathleen, but Katelyn moved out again after dumping her ex-boyfriend. She moved back to the Albany area in January 2008; by then, she stopped using names like "Sarial" and "Ayla", ending an era of "Nayr Impersonation".

2008–2010: Third Return to the Sonic Scene

Finally, on 19.2.2008, Schala admitted to faking her trolling to Tweaker, and returned to the Sonic community, under the username Schala at Sonic Retro. However, the third return to the Sonic community didn't last very long, as she formally left the community on 17.6.2008 mostly due to lack of interest, but still pops in occasionally to lurk at the forums. She currently does not post at Sonic Retro or any other forum in the Sonic community anymore; however, she can still be found in #retro, on Jul and The Cutting Room Floor.

Former Usernames

  • sonic chaotix
  • Sutter619 (stolen from Sutter, with the Sutter part coming from sutter672, and the 619 from Sonic619)
  • cream fanatic 619
  • SidotiService
  • Dragon Goddess (a name formerly used both in real life and in non-Sonic communities, also formerly used by an unrelated person in the Sonic/fanart community)
  • Serenity
  • Sarial Laisha/Sarial/Сариал, TrinityCG, Kagura/神楽 (names stolen from Nayr)
  • Sabrina
  • Ayria
  • Dani
  • Schala
  • Illumina
  • Miss Dani (Jul, Twitter, etc.)

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