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Sutter is a member of the Sonic Community, infamous for joining the message board at only eight years old.

He first joined with the official Sega board in 2003. He discovered the Sonic community in late 2001 and joined SCARZ under the username Sonic619. He was quickly banned due to his age, immature mindset, and confrontational nature. He proceeded to register on Sonic Classic under the username sutterX (X representing any random combination of numbers). Due to a glitch in the Invision Power Board software, he was able to register for new accounts even after being banned several times. After finally being locked out after a software upgrade, Sutter registered at the brand new SWS2B. He was not an active member and eventually left the community.

Lots of people, including TailsAddict and Sonic Chaotix, made joke accounts pretending to be Sutter. At the same time, Sutter actually attempted to register with Sonic Classic once again, only to be banned and deemed another impostor. The only forum to which he was accepted was Area 51. Soon after joining Area 51, he began activity on his SWS2B account once again. Many remained skeptical as to his legitimacy. He goes by the name "Sutter" on Sonic Retro and is now an Oldbie, but is rarely an active member. It is generally believed that the Sutter account currently registered with Sonic Retro is genuine; however, some still question his authenticity.

Sutter spawned a minor meme within the scene, using his stock punched-face avatar and comical phrases such as A Sutter is you.