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The following are instruction manuals for the Sega Mega Drive version of Sonic the Hedgehog Spinball.


English story from US and EU manuals

SonicSpinball MD US manual.pdf

The evil scientist Dr. Robotnik has unleashed his most diabolical plot yet to turn the animals of Planet Mobius into robots. His monstrous contraption, the Veg-O-Fortress, built on Mt. Mobius, is already transforming happy creatures into mindless slaves!

Robotnik's fiendish machine draws its power from the mountain's volcano. Fiery lava fuels the lethal Pinball Defense System that protects the Fortress.

Sonic and his pal Tails mount an air assault on the Fortress, only to be blasted in mid-flight by Robotnik's cannons. Sonic is knocked into deep waters near the volcano. But he has friends in wet places — and is saved at the last moment!

Sonic sneaks into the Toxic Caves beneath the Fortress. From there, he infiltrates Robotnik's vast and deadly defenses. In no time at all, Sonic starts swiping Emeralds, freeing the animals of Mobius and dishing out hedgehog justice!

Yo, Robotnik! You're in for a mountain of trouble now. Sonic is spinning into action!

Translated from Japanese manual

SonicSpinball MD JP manual.pdfSonicSpinball MD JP manual.pdf

Translation by: Windii

This is planet Mobius, the star of peace... However, due to the evil genius scientist Doctor Eggman's sudden invasion, Mobius was quickly conquered and is now in a state of panic! Eggman caught every single one of the inhabitants who were running about trying to escape, and remodeled them into monsters that do as he says.

Hurry, Sonic! Save everyone!

Eggman's fortress operates by the energy of the volcano and the Chaos Emeralds, and is protected by a pinball defense system.

"This'll be tough, but if I pull the Chaos Emeralds out of the system, victory will be ours!"
"Be careful, Sonic! I pray for success!"

Riding on a plane piloted by Tails, Sonic approached the fortress... Sonic's great pinball operation is about to begin!!

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