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Level-specific bugs

Toxic Caves

256 lives

SonicSpinball MD Bug 255Lives 1.png
Jump into the slime facing the barrel...
SonicSpinball MD Bug 255Lives 2.png
...and then Sonic will die...
SonicSpinball MD Bug 255Lives 3.png
...and then die again.
SonicSpinball MD Bug 255Lives 4.png
256 lives for me!

If Sonic has one life left, rides one of the barrels to the furthest edges of the level, and jumps into the slime right next to the barrel as possible while facing it, he will die twice. Though the game registers a Game Over, the second death will set the "Extra Ball" flag and make the game think the player has previously earned an extra life, thus will restart the level with a "LAUNCHING EXTRA BALL" message.

After this, the lives counter will display 0 lives, and dying again will underflow the player's lives to 255 which is displayed as random characters on the status bar as it can only represent up to 9 lives. As with a similar case in Sonic the Hedgehog, lives are represented by a signed integer and therefore cannot represent negative numbers for lives, so 1-2 equates to 255.

YouTube video showing the bug in action

Not fixed in any version.

Skip the Worm Loop


It is sometimes possible to grab the ledge by a Worm Loop door when launching Sonic directly towards it and clip through the door, skipping the Worm Loop entirely.

Not fixed in any version.


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