Sonic Universe Book Three: Knuckles Returns

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Knuckles Returns
Publisher: Archie Comic Publications, Inc.
Type: Trade paperback
Page count: 112[1]
ISBN-10: 1936975122[1]
ISBN-13: 978-1936975129[1]
Release Date RRP Code Rating
2012-08-01[2] $11.99[1] ?
Book Two: 30 Years Later | Book Four: Journey to the East

Sonic Universe Book Three: Knuckles Returns, also known as Sonic Universe Volume 3,[3] is the third volume in the line of Sonic Universe trade paperbacks from Archie Comics. It collects issues #9 through #12 of Sonic Universe, the story "Honor-Bound" from Sonic the Hedgehog #186, and bonus material.

Official solicitation

Enter the SONIC UNIVERSE alongside Knuckles the Echidna! Rad Red is hot on the trail of his arch-nemesis, Dr. Finitevus. What he finds, however, is an ever-deepening mystery! But before he can investigate further, the newest Dark Egg Legion chapter attacks! To save Angel Island, Knuckles must team up with the Downunda Freedom Fighters – as well as Dr. Finitevus?! New faces, new twists and surprises abound, and you cannot miss the thunderous showdown at the end! SU VOL. 3 collects the entire "Knuckles Returns" storyline from Sonic Universe #9-12 plus exclusive special features![3]

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Echoes of the Past Part One

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Chapter 2: Echoes of the Past Part Two

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Chapter 3: Echoes of the Past Part Three

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Chapter 4: Echoes of the Past Part Four

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Extra Feature: Honor Bound

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Afterword by Ian Flynn

A brief column written by Ian reflecting on his enjoyment of the original Knuckles the Echidna series, the motivation behind the arc collected in the book, and a tease of the upcoming "Endangered Species" arc which began in Sonic the Hedgehog #243. It also reveals the inspiration behind Trash the Tasmanian Devil's design: the in-between sprite of Sonic the Hedgehog and Knuckles seen on the title screen of Sonic & Knuckles.[4]

Special Features

The special features included are:

  • Cover mock ups for issue #11, experimenting with the background gradient.
  • Color development for the cover of issue #12.
  • Concept art for Thrash the Devil, Grandmaster Bill, the Winged Dingo Robot, and D.E.L. - Platypus. Art by Ian Flynn.


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Production credits

Knuckles Returns
Source: Page xx
Honor Bound
  • Writer: Ian Flynn
  • Pencils: Tracy Yardley!
  • Inks:Jim Amash
  • Colors: Josh Ray
  • Letters: Teresa Davidson
Source: Page xx
Archie Comics Publications, Inc.
  • Publisher/Co-CEO: Jonathan Goldwater
  • Co-CEO: Nancy Silberkleit
  • President: Mike Pellerito
  • Co-President/Editor-in-Chief: Victor Gorelick
  • Senior Vice President Sales/Business Development: Jim Sokolowski
  • Senior Vice President Publishing/Operations: Harold Buchholz
  • Vice President Publicity/Marketing: Alex Segura
  • Executive Director of Editorial/Compilation Editor: Paul Kaminski
  • Assistant Editor: Vincent Lovallo
  • Production Manager: Stephen Oswald
  • Proofreader/Editorial Assistant: Jamie Lee Rotante
  • Design Intern: Elizabeth Borgatti
Source: Page xx


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