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Sonic Community Quotes Database
Current owner(s): voice
Type of site: Quotes Database
Created on: 2004
Current status: Offline

Sonic Community Quotes Database, also known as SCQDB, was a website that is run by voice. The site uses the same setup and quotes database engine as with the idea of collecting quotes from IRC channels within the Sonic Community. SCQDB has been operating since 2004 and is part of Random Sonic Net. It was closed down in September 2010 due to declining activity following the creation of a QDB on BadnikNET.


SCQDB has its origins from voice's past of extensively using IRC. One of the sites that he frequented was a site called QDB, which stands for Quotes DataBase. The purpose of QDB was to capture memorable moments on IRC channels by having users submit pastes from said moments, after which a member of the site staff would review the quote. If they liked it, it was put into the database for all to see, otherwise it was either not approved or deleted. As voice developed RSN and got more involved in the channels related to the Sonic Community he decided to try to set one up himself. He managed to find the code for the site, labeled simply as "bsah", on and downloaded it (the website no longer carries the code). It is not known for sure if the code voice downloaded was the actual source code or a clone copy of the site.

How It Works

SCQDB is fairly simple in how it operates. It all begins when a user submits a quote by clicking on the "Add Quote" link on the site's top-right corner. Once a quote is submitted it is assigned an ID number and put before the site admins and moderators for approval. Only one person needs to make the approval for it to remain in the database, or they can simply ignore the quote or delete it. Once a quote has been approved it is publicly available for view on the site. A quote gains or loses popularity by a simple vote system, next to the quote's ID there is a plus sign (+), the current vote score, a negative sign (-), and an X ([X]). If the person viewing the quote likes it or finds it funny they can click on the plus sign which will add one point to the quote, and if they hate it they can click on the negative sign and one point will be taken away from the quote's score, thus it is entirely possible for a quote's vote score to go into the negatives. If the person really hates the quote they can click on the X symbol. When this is done the quote, while not being taken off the site, will be put up for review by the site staff and if they agree with the user the quote will be deleted.

Quote popularity is determined by its score which is then used by some of the site's pages, Top 50, Top 100, >0, and Bottom. The top pages are pretty self-explanatory, Top 50 shows the 50 highest scoring quotes, Top 100 shows the 100 highest. >0 displays quotes that have a score that is more than 0. Bottom displays quotes from the lowest scores and up. Other site pages include: Latest, shows the 50 most recently submitted and approved quotes; Random, shows quotes in a randomized order; Browse, allows you to look through all of the quotes; Search, allows you to search for a quote based on keywords.

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