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Random Sonic Net
Current owner(s): voice
Type of site: General Fansite/Research
Created on: June 12, 2004
Current status: Online

Random Sonic Net is a website operated by voice and Qjimbo. It started off as an attempt on voice's part to learn how to program websites in PHP and SQL. Since its opening on June 12th 2004, RSN has obtained over 3,000 hits, has added and destroyed site sections (like the radio page), hopped from 3 diffrent hosts, and hosted 4 websites for sceners including Taxman, Qjimbo and Vangar.

The radio section of RSN has been revived. Recordings of past broadcasts can be downloaded from the site.

The Short Yet Amazing History of RSN

Random Sonic Net was founded by voice on June 9th 2004, but was not available to the public until June 12th of the same year. It was started as an experimentation on voice's part with the ever popular PHP web scripting language, an experiment which would later include the Structured Query Language. The site ran on its first host TheLight(defunct) for about 4 months, after which bandwidth usage finally reached its 500mb/month limit and voice had to move the site. Voice found Qjimbo on SWS2B and eventually got hosted by Qjimbo, which then lead to the merger of RSN and SRN (later renamed to SRZ). RSN spent many months on the Toson hosting until voice was offered free hosting by Mustapha on Digibase. Voice eventually found a hosting company that offered a dedicated server on the cheap and RSN was fully relocated to its own server in May of 2007.

As time went on, more sections were added to the site as voice learned new tricks in PHP, the additions including the very popular video archives, the shoutout box, and the lesser suggested reading page. All were created as voice learned PHP. As sections were being created, others were doomed to deletion, like the ill-fated music page and character bios page, both of which were canned due to lack of interest on voice's part and noticing that said pages would just be redundant. Another lesser part of the site was its skins, and users can still decided on how to have the site look color-wise.

The site's first affiliate was Simon Wai's Sonic 2 Beta (SWS2B), which was followed by the SSonicNetwork and SHIT. The site's first hostee was unoffically SRZ and offically RSonic, which is run by Taxman.

On December 17, 2008, voice decided it was time to cut over RSN from the old site design to the new RSN2.0 design. While many of the site's old sections are unavailable at the time this was written it is hoped that by the end of 2009 all of the major sections will be back.

Where the hell did the name come from?!

The Random Sonic Net name came from a buddy of voice's on IRC. voice was saying how he couldn't figure out a name for his site and went on to describe all the random stuff that would be on it. Jokingly Castor_Troy suggested RandomSonicNet, and the name has stuck to the site ever since.

RSN Segments

Video Archives - There are a few segments that make up RSN, most are discarded, never to be viewed. However there is at least one nugget of gold on the RSN website. RSN has a section called the Video Archives. What's in there is a collection of videos that voice (as well as others) have seen and put (in the others' case, asked for it to be put) into the database. They range from Flash, Videos, and Flash Video. If you're reading this and know of a sonic related video that isn't in the database yet, please feel free to let voice know about it by clicking here!

Links - Not much to say, a bunch of links, what else did you expect?

Suggested Reading - In here is a collection of random things voice thought would be funny or interesting to read/view.

Downloads - Again, not much to say.

Live Radio - What can I say about this? We play music, both sonic and actual. We also run video via our ShoutCAST server, however I do not know how often we'll be doing that.

SCQDB - Sonic Community Quotes Database - Not so much a "Sonic Community" quotes database as intended (maybe if more people from here visited? *wink wink*), but it's a collection of random quotes taken from IM sessions and IRC Chats. Some are funny, some aren't.

RSN Forums - Eh.

RSN IRC channel - IRC channel for the site.

The staff of RSN

voice - Founder and main operator/technician of RSN. Usually spends his time staring at the pc monitor. Voice also serves as the RSN Forum Administrator.
Qjimbo - Co-Operator of RSN, Q operates his site SRZ which is hosted on RSN. He also serves as the voice of reason on the site as well as co-adminning the message board.


RSN2.0 is an effort by voice to do a complete rebuild of the site. Features hoped to be created through the magic of PHP and other whoohaw include a user system that may allow users to have their own homepage on the site, a custom built forum (since Voice hates IPB with a passion), and an option for users to have a blog. Not sure when this will be completed: could take a few months, could take a few years. Either way there's bound to be a lot of cursing, head banging, and wishing death upon PHP for numerous Error: messages - in short, a lot of fun.

RSN Service Outside of the Sonic Community

Its known that voice spends a lot of time on IRC, primarily on AfterNET. When voice got the dedicated server he decided to establish an IRC server on it and link it with AfterNET to repay the years of meaningless typing and staring at the computer screen every night. RSN's IRC server has been linked as part of the AfterNET IRC Network since September of 2007 and can be accessed by directing IRC clients to SuperSonic.US.AfterNET.Org (Original name, no?).

Sites hosted on RSN

RSN Fun Facts

  • Number Of School Districts B& From: 3

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