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Acronym credit goes to Sonic Sue (Sonic, Eggman, Tails, Amy Rose, Knuckles)

Set Ark is a group formed in the early days of Sonic 2 Beta (Sonic Classic). Kilometers Prower simply made a topic in Communication Center, something along the lines of "Hey, why don't we make a fan game with all of US in it?" And it began. Music, concept art, character sprites, level tiles, background art was all made. Project lost momentum after a year/year and a half, finally stopped after the engine coder MangoMan backed out of the community.

It consisted of a lot of people with a lot of ideas. Many characters were mentioned as possibly being included. At one point, it was even planned to port the game to the Game Boy Advance and have it put on flash carts. There was no real quality control, and it relied on the illusion that MangoMan could program anything that the project had planned. Hence, its death occurred when reality caught up and MangoMan left, having faced the reality that the random (and often wild) demands of those 'helping' the project could not be coded easily.

Former Members

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