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<forumuser name="Kilometers Prower" /> Kilometers "KM" Prower is a retired Administrator of Sonic Classic and retired Forum Leader of Metric Estates.


Early Years - "I has a Sonic 2 Alpha ROMz" and "SET ARK"

Kilometers arrived on the Sonic Scene in late 2000 as a lurker on the Sonic 2 Beta Anyboard. On March 31, 2001, he began using an unregistered account under the name "Kilometers Prower" and became part of the community. His first claim-to-fame involved him allegedly owning the "Sonic 2 Alpha" ROM. In May, 2001, he told the members of the board that they needed to post a certain amount of times in his topic before he would release it to the public. Much to the board's dismay, Kilometers admitted he was bluffing.

A short time later, after registering under the name "Kilometers Prower0123", he posted a topic asking the board "Why don't we make a game with all of US in it?", thus sparking the creation of SET ARK and their game Kilometers the Metric Fox. He started off as the Producer of the game, acting as a leader and also helped to create levels, enemies, and music. Shortly after the project started, he stepped down as Producer and gave the title of Producer to Bryn2k due to some issues regarding his leadership skills. After the team's engine coder MangoMan left, momentum of the project slowed down and eventually came to an end.

Middle Years - "Forum Wars" and "Metric Estates"

Once SET ARK's work had ceased, Kilometers decided to expand to other parts of the Sonic Community, including Area 51 and Sonic CulT, though he did little to contribute to either boards. One day in the Sonic Discussion forum of Sonic 2 Beta, he posted what he believed to be a previously unknown discovery involving the hidden platform in Labyrinth Zone act 1. Sonique then responded, perhaps in not the most appropriate way, to the post, stating that Area 51 already knew about the discovery and how behind the Sonic 2 Beta board was. Administrator Sonic Sue then warned Sonique to be courteous to other board users, only to be attacked by PACHUKA and other Sonic CulT members. This sparked tension between the Sonic 2 Beta and Sonic CulT message boards, resulting in petty attacks, hackings, and other problems which would go on to exist for years. During this time, Kilometers coined the term "omgFORTRESS" for board meetings that were eventually held on AIM regarding these issues.

After maturing a little from his previous endeavors, he did his best to contribute to the community of what would eventually become Sonic Classic. He was mostly known for his "random" (and occasionally annoying) nature, best illustrated by the creation of his webcomic based on the message board "The Misadventures of Kilometers Prower", infamous for the creation of the Random Pickle. He also went on to create Metric Estates, an invite-only Roleplaying forum which also doubled as a haven for older board users. Here, he acted as a Forum Moderator and roleplayer. During this time, he became a Moderator of the entire message board, and was eventually promoted to Administrator. However, after a year or so, due to time constraints in real life, he was asked to step down from his position.

Late/Current Years - "Where the hell did I go?"

Once Kilometers retired from his Administrative duties, he seldom posted on the board due to activities with school, a general sense of regret for his previous actions with the board, a dislike for what the board was becoming, and a newfound appreciation for... well, real life.

Although usually inactive, he visits the Sonic Retro board daily and contributes information when he can and hopes to, once again, become an active member of the community.


  • Amy the Hedgehog in Sonic 1 [canned]
  • Sonic 2: Advanced Edit [level art for Robotic Ruins Zone and Garnet Garden Zone]

Real Life

Kilometers, whose real name is Robert, is currently a junior Music Education Major at WCU, emphasis on Trombone. He enjoys music, doing completely random and stupid things, cigars, hanging out with his girlfriend, Super Smash Bros., and irrefutably being the coolest person on earth.