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Sonic 2: Advanced Edit
Version: 4.0 (2019 hacking contest version)
Last release: 2019-12-02
Status: Inactive
System: Sega Mega Drive
Original game: Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (16-bit)
Credits: rika_chou, qiuu, Kilometers Prower,
BadCopNoDonut, Stealth, Puto, Tweaker,
and many others.

Sonic 2: Advanced Edit is a Sonic 2 hack created by rika_chou. Sonic 2: Advanced Edit has seen 4 major releases. The 4th release includes the levels from the 3rd release as bonus content.

Release 4 (2019)

The 4th release Sonic 2: Advanced Edit was released as part of the 2019 Sonic Hacking Contest, with a final bugfix release planned later.

It features 7 entirely new Zones, each full of unique enemies and with a boss whose gameplay varies depending on the player's character. Playable characters are Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy. Furthermore as bonus content, the hack features the 5 Zones from the 2008 release, brushed up to be fully playable. Upon completing the 7 main Zones, the player obtains a code to access the level select from which they can play the bonus Zones by selecting "South Island 1". There are 69 Giant Rings scattered throughout the 7 main Zones. Collecting 7 of them will grant the ability to turn Super once the player has at least 50 Rings in any given level.

The hack has been about 10 years in the making, with very little progress in the last few years due to real-life commitments and rika_chou and qiuu as the only remaining contributors. Many aspects are not exactly as envisioned due to limited time, but it was decided to push for a final release to make the development not continue indefinitely, with the risk of never being released at all.



  • Sonic, Tails, Knuckles: Same as in Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles. (No Spin Dash for Tails.)
  • Amy: A, Down+A: Hammer attacks; B/C, Down+B/C: Jump/Spin Dash.
  • Super forms: To enable, hold A+B+C while jumping. (No Super form for Tails.)
  • Level reset: While paused, hold A+B+C to go to start of the level/last Star Post (costs 1 life).

Big Rings

Distribution of the 69 big rings:

  1. Neo South Island: 9
  2. Cosmic City: 16
  3. Bamboo Jungle: 10
  4. Blue Mountain: 11
  5. Robotic Ruin: 9
  6. Dusty Desert: 13
  7. Eggquarium: 1


  • Rika_chou: Concepts, level art, layouts, badnik art
  • qiuu: Object, badnik, boss concepts & programming, engine modifications, level layout for NSIZ2 and end of DDZ2
  • ICEknight: badniks concepts & art, DDZ boss concept & art, misc art and ideas
  • MoDule: snowboard programming, ring and object manager, bug fixes
  • D.A. Garden: level layout for CCZ2
  • Thorn: layouts for end of CCZ2 and end of DDZ1
  • Resel: Blue Mountain Zone concept and level art
  • Phoebius: Cosmic City Zone concept and level art
  • Matwek: Jungle Zone foreground and object art
  • Tweaker: Music Ports
  • e-122-psi: Amy character art & programming
  • SMTP: Knuckles object, S3K shields, Tails flying code (also thanks to drx for the flying code.)
  • Esrael: Knuckles object, S1 sound driver
  • Puto: Knuckles object, S3K shields
  • Clownacy: Updated sound driver, ported sfx, sound related bug fixes
  • Kilometers Prower: Original zone concept for RRZ (and Garnet Garden)
  • Stealth: "curve grip" object
  • redhotsonic: various bug fixes.
  • Malevolence: object label organization
  • BadCopNoDonut: Special Thanks (worked on previous release)
  • Blue Emerald: Jungle Zone snake badnik art
  • Cinossu: Snail badnik art
  • Polygon Jim (RIP): Ideas for objects/level layout
  • jman2050: ideas
  • sik: Ideas and feedback
  • nineko: Ideas and feedback
  • MarkeyJester: Ideas and feedback
  • flamewing: Ideas and feedback
  • Jayextee: early discussions
  • ScrewStache: composed music tracks, but lost contact and never got it into the game
  • FireRat: some plans that didn't happen in the end :(
  • SSRG Staff: providing a private subforum

Release 3 (2008)

The 2008 release features 3 new levels. Other (incomplete) levels can be accessed by using the level select menu.


Release 2 - Known Issues

  • If Sonic enters a Special Stage with a Lightning Shield then exits again, the shield is gone but the ability to drain rings is still effective.
  • When running at high speeds in Roof Top Zone, Sonic occasionally passes through solid walls.
  • Sonic's starting sprite is corrupted in Robotic Ruin Zone.
  • In Robotic Ruin Zone, there is a rather large secret area containing several elements from the original game's Metropolis Zone. Rings are scattered in very strange places, and there is a long tract of what seems to be lava throughout one half. Once the player gets into this area, s/he cannot leave without restarting. (To access this area, find a thin strip of lava next to a pit containing four yellow springs. Jump into the pit and push to the left, then fall down the lava; You should reach the hidden area.)
  • When becoming Super Sonic, Sonic's sprites do not coincide with his sprites from Sonic 3. The result is an amusing disconnect between his movement and his speed.

It is important to note that neither Tails nor Knuckles can access their super forms.


Download.svg Download Sonic 2: Advanced Edit
File: Sonic 2 Advanced Edit Release 4 (SHC).zip (1.75 MB) (info)
Current version: Release 4 (SHC)

Older versions


Download Sonic 2: Advanced Edit
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Release 3 (830 kB) (info)
Release 2 (1.11 MB) (info)
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