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Marc Gordon, also known as Cinossu, is an hacker from London, England. His primary ROM hacking project is called Sonic the Hedgehog Extended Edition (though he is also working on Sonic Megamix, as well as an online based hack, currently called Sonic the Hedgehog 1 @ SAGE 2010). He is very skilled at programming in 68k ASM, and is known for the ability to write SMPS music directly in ASM, rather than porting or converting music using a program.

He is also well known for his extensive use of smilies and emoticons, like c.c, :U, and several others.

He currently resides as a very important administrator[citation needed] of the Sonic Retro forums, as well as playing the role of Magnet Man on bank holidays.

He made a Jazz Scat Edition of Sonic 4's soundtrack. It can be found on the forum.

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