No Hedgehog Is an Island (transcript)

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This is the English transcript of the Sonic Underground episode No Hedgehog Is an Island‎.

Episode Script

(Courtesy of The Sonic Zone)

Queen Aleena: We do not know what we would do when faced with an 
              impossible situation. How much would we be willing 
              to risk to save the world from chaos?
Sleet: Hehe - let's get out of here Dingo - no one's coming after 
       us! Ah, the Chaos Emerald - so long Robotnik!
Dingo: Hehehehe - yeah, have a good swim!
Robotnik: Abandon Fortress!

Manic: Whoa, we gotta get outta here!
[Water starts pouring in]
Sonic: WATER! We landed in the sea! Let's haul haunch! This way! 
       [more water] Er... maybe not! Man, why's it always gotta 
       be WATER?!
Sonia: Quick! In here!
Knuckles: But this is a garbage disposal! No way I'm gonna be diced 
          up like a plate of leftovers!
Sonia: Robotnik would _never_ recycle his garbage! He'd just dump 
       it! Now go!
[The hedgehogs and Knuckles go down the garbage chute, and end up 
 in the sea outside]
Sonia: Where's Sonic?
Sonic: [splashing] I can't swim!
Sonia: SONIC!
Knuckles: Hold on Sonic!
Sonia: Sonic! Knuckles!
Knuckles: I pulled this off the wreck - hold on to this! 
[throws rope]
Sonic: Hey! Wha...
[Knuckles swims and pulls the hedgehogs along]
Manic: Hey! Way cool! Oh, check this out! Aw, man!
Sonic: Aw - I hate water - lemme off of this thing, I wanna crash!

[Knuckles and the hedgehogs are now on an island, Sonia dries her 
Sonia: Ahh, that's much better - the wet look is definitely 
[Sonic gets the water out of his ears]
Manic: Whoa, bro - hope there's not a fish in there! Hahaha!
Sonic: VERY funny...
Knuckles: This is no time to argue! Robotnik's Chaos Emerald is 
          still missing! We gotta find it before whoever took it 
          tries to use it!
Manic: We'll need the van!
Sonic: No prob bro, I know where to go! Be back as fast as I can 
       drive the van! [speeds off]

Dingo: What are we gonna do now that we've got the Chaos Emerald?
Sleet: We attack! Use the emerald's power to overthrow Robotnik, 
       and make ME the ruler of Mobius!
Dingo: Can we do that?
Sleet: With the Chaos Emerald, we can do anything!
Dingo: You mean - all it takes to become ruler of Mobius is the 
       Chaos Emerald?
Sleet: For the last time - YES!
Dingo: That's what I thought you said! [snatches emerald] Then, 
       I'll be ruler of Mobius!
Sleet: YOU? Ruler of Mobius? You can't even drink a glass of water 
       without using two hands!
Dingo: Yeah, but I don't spill as much as I used to - so long Sleet!
[Dingo jumps down with the emerald]
Sleet: WAAAIT! The emerald!
Dingo: When I'm ruler of Mobius, Sohnia can be my queen!
[Dingo accidentally drops the Chaos Emerald and it smashes on the 
Dingo: ARGH! Whoops... Uh-oh! (mutters)

Sonic: Funny - it doesn't look like rain! Oh well...
[Sonic tries to start the van, but the battery is dead!]
Sonic: And not a tow-truck in sight!
[Dingo has landed next to the broken Emerald, and Chaos energy is 
 spilling out of it]
Dingo: Uh-oh - ARGH! Oh no! What am I gonna do? 
Sonic: What a time for the battery to go dead!
[The chaos energy hits the van, and it starts up]
Sonic: Whoa! Talk about a jump-start! Let's go!

[Manic is asleep, and Knuckles takes a walk on the beach with Sonia]
Sonia: Oh, it's so peaceful out here! You can almost forget about 
       Buttnik, about everything!
Knuckles: I can't forget about the Chaos Emerald! We've got to find 
Sonic: Don't worry - we'll find it.
Knuckles: Maybe I should have stayed on the Floating Island. Great 
          Grandfather Athair warned me that something bad would 
          happen if I left the island!
Sonia: It's not your fault we didn't get the Chaos Emerald!
Knuckles: I know, but Athair's never wrong!
[The chaos energy reaches the beach, tearing up the nearby trees]
Knuckles: Chaos energy!
Sonia: Oh my gosh! 
Knuckles: Look out!
Sonia: KNUCKLES! [falls down an opening chasm]
[Sonia lands on a small ledge halfway down the chasm]
Sonia: Phew!
Knuckles: Hold on!
Sonia: Well... duh! HELP! Hurry Knuckles!
[Knuckles digs a hole to rescue Sonia]
Knuckles: Going up?
Sonia: What took you so long?
Knuckles: Uh-oh... [Knuckles pulls Sonia out in the nick of time]
Manic: Man, like - what happened? [chasm closes up again]
Knuckles: Something must have released the chaos energy inside the 
Sonia: But the Emerald makes things fly!
Manic: Yeah, man, it doesn't shake them apart like a pair of crazy 
Knuckles: The Chaos Emerald is a source of power - you can harness 
          it for all kinds of things - like levitating the Floating
          Island, or Robotnik's fortress. But if the energy is 
          released without any control, the result is...
Sonia: Chaos?
Knuckles: All over Mobius!

Sleet: GRR - I'll teach that flea-resort Dingo to bail out on me! 
       When I get that Chaos Emerald back, I'll... 
       [gets caught up in the chaos energy]
       What Chaos! Whoa! That fool Dingo must have unleashed the 
       chaos energy trapped inside the emerald! I'll need help if 
       I'm gonna get that Chaos Emerald under control - and there's 
       only one person I know who can do that! 
       [heads for Robotropolis]
Robotnik: With my Fortress of Altitude I could have devastated 
          all of Mobius! But now it's ruined! All my plans! All my 
          dreams! How's a tyrant supposed to tyrannise without his 
          most powerful weapon? It's just... [Robotnik sees the 
          chaos energy tearing Mobius apart]
          Wait till I get my hands on Sleet and Dingo - it's their 
          fault Sonic took my Chaos Emerald... [thinks] unless THEY
          took it! Ohh, if they did, I'll make those rats wish 
          they'd gone down with the ship!
Dingo: I gotta fix this thing - but how? 
[Dingo tries to put the emerald back together but the chaos energy 
repels him]
Dingo: Now... all... I... need... is... some... HELP!!!!
Sonic: I gotta haul haunch outta here! You gotta be kidding me - 
       this is turning into one crazy road trip!

Robotnik: Ooh, you flea-infested overachiever! You've got a lot of 
          nerve coming back here! Those hedgehogs didn't steal the 
          Chaos Emerald - YOU did, didn't you?
Sleet: It was Dingo's idea...
Robotnik: Oh, yeah right, like DINGO'S ever had an idea! Take him 
          away, and robotosize him TWICE!
[Sleet gets put in the robotosizer, Robotnik is ready to throw the 
Sleet: You need help to get the emerald back! I know where Dingo 
[Robotosizer stops]
Robotnik: Lucky for you we have to get that Emerald back and under 
          control before Mobius is torn apart! But if you try to 
          double-cross me this time...
Sleet: Never, your rotundness - I have learned my lesson! You are 
       the boss!
Robotnik: Just MAKE SURE YOU REMEMBER THAT! Release him.

Knuckles: We've gotta find the emerald and see if...
Sonia: Oh no!
Manic: Whoa! Dude!
[The hedgehogs and Knuckles see a wave of chaos energy coming]
Knuckles: Look out! [dives for cover]
Manic: Man, that was close!
Sonia: Well, it's missed us alright, but... it's heading straight 
       for Port Mobius!

[Manic uses sound waves from his drumkit to disperse the energy]
Manic: That should do it!
[Sonic arrives with the van]
Sonic: Hey while you guys have been relaxing on the beach, the rest 
       of Mobius has been falling apart!
Sonia: Tell us something we _don't_ know...
Manic: Yo, somebody's released the chaos energy from the emerald!
Sonic: No wonder things have been so...
Sonia: Chaotic?
Sonic: Yeah, thanks sis(!)
Knuckles: Aw, no!
Sonic: Hey, we're not beaten yet Knuckles! Don't let chaos get you 

Song: Learn to Overcome

Oh Yeah!
When things are going bad,
Don't be angry, don't be sad,
We'll find our strength in each other!
If our world is upside-down,
Keep our feet on the ground,
Learn to rely on one another!

We have to learn to fight,
(learn to overcome)
Resist with all our might,
(learn to o
And we can make things right,
If you learn to overcome!

Na na na na na naaa
Na na na na na naaa naaa naaa

We have to learn to fight,
(learn to overcome)
Resist with all our might,
(learn to overcome)
And we can make things right,
If you learn to overcome!

Na na na na na naaa
Na na na na na naaa naaa naaa
Learn to overcome!

Sonic: It's like I said - when faced with disaster, just move a 
       little faster!
Knuckles: You're right! We're not beaten yet! There's one person 
          who might be able to help us now - my Great Grandfather 
          Athair - the ancient sage of the Echidnas.

Sleet: Dingo jumped out over these mountains - he's got to be here 
Robotnik: Good, we'll split up and try to find that fool, and the 
[Robotnik flies off, leaving Sleet and some SWATBots behind]
Sleet: Yes, the emerald... but if I find it first, finders keepers!
Knuckles: Athair lives in a cave at the top of the mountain.
Manic: All the way up there? Yo, what is it with you Echidnas 
       and heights?
[Knuckles and the hedgehogs start climbing the long stairway to 
 the top]
Sonia: To think I paid good Mobiums for exercise classes to do THIS!
Sonic: Look on the bright side sis, after climbing these stairs, 
       at least you'll get somewhere!
Sonia: VERY funny Sonic(!)

Sleet: Dingo MUST be around here somewhere...
       [looks through binoculars and sees the hedgehogs]
       Well well, Dingo can wait... HEHEHAHAA!
       [gets out communicator] Robotnik, I've found the hedgehogs!
Robotnik: OOOH! HAHAHAHA! This is turning into a good day after all!

[The hedgehogs finish their long climb]
Sonia: Phew!
Manic: Oh, man! Like this Athair dude could really use an elevator!
Knuckles: He's a hermit - he doesn't have many visitors.
Manic: No surprise there(!)
Knuckles: Great Grandfather Athair - there's been a terrible...
Athair: A Chaos Emerald has been broken. I can feel the chaos 
        swirling around us, tearing Mobius apart! 
        [gives Knuckles a canister] Take this - place the pieces of 
        the emerald inside the canister.
Knuckles: And then what?
Athair: There is only one way to stop the chaos from destroying 
        Mobius - you must make an alliance with Robotnik!
Sonia: Oh no!
Sonic: Robotnik?!
Manic: Aw, seriously bad news dude!
Sonic: Are you serious? Chaos is bad enough, but Robotnik? Aw, 
       we're talking TROUBLE!
Athair: It is the only way.
Sonic: But... Robotnik? Knuckles! He can't be right!
Knuckles: Athair has spoken.
Manic: I'm with Sonic, no way I'd trust Buttnik around that Chaos 
Knuckles: Sonia?
Sonia: Well... maybe - maybe Athair's wrong! Even wisemen make 
Knuckles: Looks like I'm outvoted.
Sonic: Don't worry Knuckles - it'll be cool, we just gotta find 
       that jewel!
[Sonic opens the van door, but Sleet is inside!]
Sleet: Going somewhere?
Sonic: Sleet!
Sleet: I've got you this time! [door slams on Sleet]
Knuckles: In here!
Sleet (banging): Let me out! Let me out! [door opens] Blast them!
[The hedgehogs and Knuckles escape]
Sleet: They're getting away!
Sonic: Let's haul!
[The hedgehogs celebrate their getting away from Sleet, but 
then realise Knuckles isn't in the van]
Sonia: Hey, where's Knuckles?
Manic: He was right behind me...

Sleet: Out of my way! [sees Knuckles] You! But... what are you 
       doing here?
Knuckles: I need Robotnik's help to find the Chaos Emerald and save 
          Mobius! Take me to Robotnik!