The Sonic Zone

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The Sonic Zone
Current owner(s): Suneet Shah
Type of site: General Fansite
Created on: Presumably around 1997
Current status: Offline
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The Sonic Zone was a fansite founded by Suneet Shah. It is unknown when the actual site first launched, but its hit counter seems to suggest sometime in September 1997. One of the earliest Sonic fansites around, it's notable as the first host to the Other-M fan comic, which was written by Ian Flynn long before he was hired to work at Archie as head writer. Other features of the site included a self-managed store of imported Sonic merchandise, reviews of recently released issues of the Archie comic, a guide on Chao care, a page showcasing character profiles of fan-created characters, downloads in the form of MP3 music, fangames and WinAmp themes, and other standard inclusions of websites at the time such as a Java chatroom, messageboard, guestbook and "webring" link. It was also mentioned in the first issue of the Official Dreamcast Magazine.

Shortly after its messageboard shut down, the last update made to the site was on May 1, 2000 and left unupdated for years to come until it finally was put to definite rest sometime after August 2006. Suneet himself has since moved on from the Sonic fan-scene as well.