Hammer Gloves

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The Hammer Gloves are an upgrade available to Knuckles the Echidna in Sonic Adventure 2. They attach to his gloves, allowing his punches to break not only wooden crates, but steel crates as well. Black metal crates are still unbreakable, however.

Hammergloves sa2.png
  • Purpose: Allows Knuckles to smash steel containers by punching, Drill Claw, or (in the case of overhead floating containers) Spiral Upper.
  • Location: Death Chamber. As soon as the mission starts, hit the hour glass in front of you. It will open the door that leads to a hallway. Once there, go to the first room on your right. The Hammer Gloves are right there.
  • Requirements: None, except that the Shovel Claw is incidentally needed to get to this point in the story.
  • Required For: Nothing. As this upgrade is available almost immediately in the level, it was meant to be the mandatory first stop in the player's tour, with metal boxes blocking all three doorways out of the opening room. However, if you find a way out of the room without going through any of those doorways, there are no other obstacles to doing everything in the game that needs doing without the help of this item.
  • Equivalent: Rouge's Iron Boots.


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