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Gimmick Mt. Zone
Gimmick Mt. Zone
Fifth Zone, Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (8-bit)
Number of Acts: 3
Location: South Island
Level theme: industrial
Boss: Charge Master
Non-English names:
Green Hills Zone | Scrambled Egg Zone

Gimmick Mt. Zone, or Gimmick Mountain Zone, is the fifth Zone in the 8-bit version of Sonic the Hedgehog 2. As with other Zones in this game, Gimmick Mt. consists of two standard Acts followed by a shorter third Act which contains the Zone's boss.


This hollowed-out mountain full of machinery bears similarities with Scrap Brain Zone from Sonic 1 due to the inclusion of gimmicks such as flywheels to catapult Sonic high into the air and conveyor belts to carry him along, as well as spikes. Count on everything in this strange, monochromatic level to explode. The minecarts from Under Ground Zone also return for the player to ride in.

A peculiarity of Act 1 is that it ends from right to left, as opposed to most other levels, where the player ends from left to right.


Gimmick mountain is a suspicious mountain. The hollowed mountain is teeming with modern machines. Use gears and conveyer belts wisely. But be careful not to speed too much.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 JP Game Gear manualMedia:Sonic 2 GG JP Manual.pdf[1] (translation by Vertekins)[6]

The inside of this metallic mountain is filled with moving conveyor belts, platforms and whining flywheels. Catch a ride on a wheel, and sling yourself along. Timing is very important! Walking Bombs and Burrowbots roam through this Zone, making your travels more treacherous.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 US Game Gear manualMedia:Sonic2 GG US manual.pdf[7]


Bomb — Mindless kamikaze bomb bots that walk back and forth along a short plane, either on the ground or ceiling. As soon as Sonic approaches, they stop moving and start flashing: after a few seconds, they explode into a small shower of flashing projectiles. Look out when they attack in groups.
Buton — Pig bots that hang around at the top of inclines. They just hop in place and roll flashing balls down the hill. Now capable of movement.
Drillin — Mole bots that leap from the ground and then simply move back and forth in a small area. Their drill bit noses give them away.

Chaos Emerald location

The Chaos Emerald in this Zone is in Act 2. When a Drillin comes out and attacks the player, and the spinning discs can be seen above it, the player should jump left into the wall. They should try it from a couple of angles if they don't get it at first. Jump left on the tip of the slope leading to the discs and follow the obstacles through to get the gem.


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