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Sonic2 SMS Comparison Intro.png
Master System version
Sonic2 GG Comparison Intro.png
Game Gear version

Tails is captured at a different time of day in the introduction sequence. On the Game Gear, Eggman swoops down and captures Tails, while on the Master System he has already been caught.

Sonic2 SMS Comparison UGZ Act1TitleCard.png
Master System version
Sonic2 GG Comparison UGZ Act1TitleCard.png
Game Gear version

Title cards have been squashed to fit the Game Gear's resolution.

Master System version
Game Gear version

The level select screen has been optimised for both platforms. The colour scheme is also different.

Under Ground Zone

Master System version
Game Gear version

In the Game Gear version, all of the bosses are made harder by the smaller screen resolution. Pit Master is the most famous example - with less of the playfield visible, it is much harder to avoid the silver balls as they bounce down the slope, and to make matters worse, some of these balls also go higher. This is exacerbated when using a real Game Gear, as the screen doesn't lend itself well to fast moving objects.

On the Game Gear, the heads-up display is removed when fighting a boss.

Sky High Zone

Aqua Lake Zone

Green Hills Zone

Master System version
Game Gear version

The boss area for Dohyo Master was adjusted for the Game Gear's resolution, with its movements matched to suit. Like all the bosses, however, the lack of physical space to move and screen visibility makes it a more difficult opponent on the Game Gear. The boss itself can also attack twice in a row sometimes before revealing its "weak" state, adding to the difficulty.

Gimmick Mt. Zone

Scrambled Egg Zone

Crystal Egg Zone

Localisation comparisons

Game Gear version

Japanese version
Western versions

If running on a Japanese system, the ™ will be dropped from the Sega logo.


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