Friend or Foe? (transcript)

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This is the English transcript of the Sonic Underground episode Friend or Foe?‎.

Episode Script

(Courtesy of The Sonic Zone)

(Look on the Floating Island)

Queen: Following their quest, my children continued to learn one 
       lesson - that things are not always what they seem.

Manic: Hang loose, Sonia it's just a rumor!
Sonia: Duh! But what if mother really is here?
Sonic: She'd better be, I missed the opening of a new chili-dog 
       stand for this!

(Sonic & Sonia come down from a ship)

Sonic: THIS is the dreaded Floating Island? ... Oooh, I'm scared!!
Sonia: Sonic! remember what the Oracle said " The floating island 
       is fraught with danger. Beware the echidna."
Sonic: Fraught? what kind of stupid word is that?
Sonia: Fraught means filled, as in filled with danger.
Sonic: What danger?! If you're so 'fraught', I'll check this place 
Sonia: SONIC!

(Sonic leaves in top)
Sonic: AHHHH!!
(Sonia and Manic run to see what happened and see Sonic in a trap)
Sonia & Manic : Huh???
Manic: Just hanging out, bro?
Sonia: Like I said, fraught with danger!
Sonic: Danger?! You mean this nifty hammock?!
Manic: We'll call this: Echidna 1, Hedgehog 0,

(In a dark place)
Robotnik: Answer me, you fools! SLEET! DINGO!

(Somewhere on the FLoating Island)
Dingo: Mmm, tuna fish - my favorite!
Sleet: Shut up and eat, Robotnik should be calling soon
Robotnik: SLEET, do you hear me? ANSWER ME OR YOU'RE BOT-BAIT!
Dingo: Huh? Boy, I must be hungrier than I thought - my stomach is 
       really growling, and it sounds like Robotnik! 
Sleet: Aw... you are so stupid...
Robotnik: "DUNDER-HEADS!  You have 10 seconds to answer me, 10,
Dingo: Me? But I just said
Sleet: It IS Robotnik, you moron!!
Dingo: Where ..?!
Robotnik's Voice: 7,6...
Sleet: On the communicator - hold still you half-wit!!
Dingo: Oh!
Robotnik's Voice: 5,4,3,2,1... About time! Where were you!
Sleet: Er...
Robotnik: Silence!!! Apparently the hedgehogs believed the rumors. 
          Intelligence reports they're on the way. You know
          the plan, turn the echidna against the hedgehogs and get
          me the Chaos Emerald.
Sleet: And when we take the emerald, The island will plummet
       down and crash!
Robotnik: And the hedgehogs will fall with it! HAHAHAHA!
Sleet: Hehe, brilliant plan! We are on our way - Sleet out.
       Put that in your back-pack and let's go find the echidna.
Dingo: Er... what's an Echidna?
Sleet: Not what, you dolt, who! It's who guards this island. His 
       name is Knuckles. And he's in for a big Robotnik surprise!
       He's tough, and he's especially known for his... traaaaps!
       (they fall into trap)

(We see Sleet and Dingo above a fire, on a rotating spit)
Knuckles: You wolf-faces should have stayed home. Now you get to 
          be dinner!
Dingo: You're... gonna eat us?
Knuckles: No...
Dingo: Ahh, phew!
Sleet: Good.

(Knuckles whistles and a beast-thing appears)
Knuckles: But Chomps will!
Sleet: You've got us all wrong, Mr. "Knuckles", we are your friends!
Knuckles: Of course! All my friends sneak onto my island! I DON'T 
          THINK SO!
Sleet: No, you don't understand, we're here to stop the real 
       invaders -  3 hedgehogs, I can prove it!
Knuckles: How?
Sleet: Look in my pocket. 

(Knuckles stops the rotating spit with Dingo towards the flames)

Sleet: Press that button..
Dingo: Er.. Sleet...
Sleet: SHUT UP! .. The red button!
Dingo: SLEET!...
Sleet: Put a cork in it Ding-face! Check it out...

(knuckles plays a video showing Sonic, Sonia & Manic with obviously
faked voices)
Sonic: Gotta cruise dudes. We gotta find that Chaos Emerald before 
       that dopey defender Knuckles gets us.
Sonia: You are not often right older brother, but on this occasion 
       I agree! Come, Manic!
Manic: We are more clever than that dumb Knuckles guy!

Sleet: Mr. Knuckles - we're getting a little warm here... if you 
       don't mind!

Knuckles: Those hedgehogs want the emerald, do they? Well they'll 
          have to get past me! All right you wo
lf-faces are free to 
          go - this time but you must leave the island now!
Sleet: An amiable deal my friend. We will be off the island faster 
       than you can say "Sonic The Hedgehog"!

Knuckles: Sorry, Chomps, but cheer up. I hear hedgehogs have just 
          come into season!

(Knuckles leaves, and the monster approaches Sleet and Dingo)
Dingo: Er... nice doggie!
Sleet: Outta here.... !

(The monster scares Sleet and Dingo away.. and eats the projector
then a video comes out of its nose)
Sonic: We gotta find those emeralds. Gotta find those emeralds...

(Seen on the jungle of Floating Island ...hedgehogs are running)
Sonia: Shh! I'm getting a feeling... like there's something close 
Sonic: Oh, big whoop! We're following your feelings around? Boy, it 
       just doesn't get any better than this!
Sonia: Hey guys, look at this.... a sacred pool! I read about these!

(Suddenly water erupts from the basin)
Sonic: We're talking some serious special effects!
Sonia: I can't believe it really exists!.. Manic! Don't!
Manic: What?
Sonia: I see something forming...

(We see Queen Aleena running)
Manic: Mom!
Sonia: She's here! I knew it!
Sonic: Wow, looks like you were right, Sonia!
Sonia: You're saying I'm right?! Manic, You're a witness!

(Soil opens up and Knuckles jumps out)
Manic: What's happening? Whoa, dude, you nailed that landing!
       I give it a 10!
Knuckles: Hedgehog thieves!
Sonic: Not exactly the welcome mat we expected...
Sonia: Look at this! You'd better have a real good dry-cleaners on 
       this rock!
Knuckles: You came here to steal the Emerald, but I'll stop you!
Sonic: Chill, fella, we're not thieves...
[Manic looks at Sonic]
Sonic: Well, mostly we're not. Anyway...

(Knuckles is prepared to fight)
Sonic: Nice to meet you too...
Knuckles: I hate thieves!
Sonia: Sonic? Are you alright?
Manic: Boy, that guy's good!
Sonic: What are you, nuts? Cause if you're thinking of starting a 
       fan club Manic, here comes your hero! Okay, Knuckle-boy, if 
       that's the way you want to play it, let's get basic!
Sonia: Sonic, wait! Maybe we can reason with him.
Sonic: Good idea sis... NOT! Here's a taste of the Super Sonic 
       Triple-spin, pal!

(Sonic spins into Knuckles and the shock knocks them both down)
Sonic: You guys can jump in here any time, y'know!
Manic: Aw, we knew you had it covered.
Sonia: This time, We're gonna reason with him! Where'd he go?
Sonic: Guess super-spin was a little too much for him!

(Knuckles left for a new attack)
Manic: I would bet... not!
Sonia: Listen echidna-guy! We aren't here to steal anything! We're 
       here to find Queen Aleena!
Manic: Whoa, maybe that worked!
Sonic: Hey Sis, what are your feelings telling you now?
Sonia: That we'd better... leave!
Knuckles: You're lying!
Sonic: I'll handle this!
Sonia: Sure! Why not? You've done such a _superb_ job so far!

(Sonic uses his spin attack to disorientate Knuckles)
Sonic: One more time!

(Knuckles avoids the 2nd attack by digging a hole in soil)
Sonic: Come back and fight, Knuckle-butt!
Knuckles: Lying Hedgehogs! Thieves!
Sonia: Okay! I've had enough!

(Sonia activates her synthe-laser and breaks a branch that falls 
close to Knuckles. Then Knuckles cuts a rope that activates a trap 
in which Sonia and Manic fall)

Sonic: Hang on guys! Here I.... Waaaah!

(Then Sonic falls into another trap - and barely saves himself by 
 grabbing onto the edge of the pit. But Knuckles breaks the tip of 
 soil which Sonic is holding on to, then Sonic falls down the pit)

Sonic: Yes! [seeing Knuckles] No!
Knuckles: Goodbye, hedgehogs.
Sonic: That's it! You're toast, Knuckle-head! Outta here!

(Somewhere in an underground cave)
Sleet: That echidna is even dumber than you, Dingo! 
Dingo: Thank you.
Sleet: Then again, maybe not. I bet those hedgehogs are history by 
       now! Come on, we have to go down the river to get to the 
Dingo: In what?

(Sleet transforms Dingo into boat and push it to water)
Dingo (burbling): I HAD to ask...

(Elsewhere in an underground cave, Sonia and Manic try to escape by
using the Synthe-laser)
Sonia: This doesn't look promising...
Manic: Guess we'll have to wait for Sonic!
Sonia: Guess again!

(Sonic arrives at the hole which Sonia and Manic had fallen down)
Sonic: This is the place... Whoa... Helloooooo... 
       Here goes nothing...
Knuckles: Hedgehog! [cracks knuckles]
Sonic: That's gotta hurt!.. Whoa, you're way too excited! Obviously 
       you haven't heard about the famous hedgehog's speed. Okay, 
       take your best shot!

(In the underground cave)
Sonia: That should do it!
(Manic knocks down the door and the hedgehogs look at a green cave)
Manic: Crashing!

(Sonic & Knuckles are in a personal race)
Knuckles : Now you're mine hedgehog!...
(Sonic escapes all the traps Knuckles is setting off)
Sonic: Come on, you can do better than that, Knuckle-brain! We're 
       not done yet pal, you're taking me to Sonia and Manic!

(In the green underground cave)
Manic: Rippin' glow!
Sonia: Are you kidding? This light does nothing for my complexion!
Sonia [noticing the river]: Oh, how beautiful!
Manic: Yeah...
Sonia: Huh? What's that noise?

(Chomps appears in the cave and starts playing the video again)
Holo-Sonic: We gotta find that Chaos Emerald before that dopey 
            defender Knuckles gets us.

Sonia: Now there's something you don't see every day!

(Knuckles crosses a bridge with holes in it, and waits for Sonic at 
the end) 
Sonic: Hmm, that first step's a real trip!
Knuckles: Hey hedgehog, can you fly?
Sonic: Huh?
(Knuckles breaks the bridge)
Sonic: Bummer Majoris!  - only one chance!

(Sonic falls as the bridge breaks)
Sonic: Spin-and-win time!

(but spins and makes a hole in the island)
Knuckles: No!

(Sonic re-appears on the surface, Knuckles gets confused and nearly
falls off the edge of the Floating Island)
Sonic: That wasn't very nice! Hmm, need a hand? [claps] Ahh, just
       a little joke there!

(Knuckles is falling but Sonic catches him)
Knuckles: Why did you save me?
Sonic: Let's talk, bud...

(Sonia & Manic with Chomps - they are trying to remove the projector 
he ate)
Sonia: There there.. we'll fix it
Manic: I guess... here goes nothing!
(projector flies out of Chomps' mouth, then Chomps licks Manic 
like a dog)
Manic: Yuck.. Thanks... Ugh!

Sonia: A holo-projector! This reeks of Robotnik!
Manic: No, I think it's his breath!
Sonia: Trés droll! (to Chomps) So big guy, where'd you get this?
Manic: Not gonna work like that sis - let me try!
Sonia: Fine!
Manic: OK pal, one snap means yes, two snaps means no. Got it?
Chomps: Naha
Sonia: Oh get over yourself!
Manic: So, did you get that thing from a big round guy with a 
Chomps: Naha Naha
Manic: Aha... what about a big ugly dog kinda guy with a little 
Chomps: Naha!
Sonia: Sleet and Dingo! Nice work bro! Can you take us to them?
Chomps: Naha!

(Sleet (in the Dingo-boat) arrives in the Emerald Chamber)
Sleet: Ahah!
Dingo: Ouch! [morphs back] Is that it?
Sleet: It's fantastic!

(Sonic & Knuckles are talking)
Knuckles: Then the wolf-faces left the Floating Island.
Sonic: Left? Seems hard to believe, Knuck. They're always after 
Knuckles: The emerald! [brings up an image of Sleet and Dingo] 

(Sonic & Knuckles start floating)
Sonic: Whoa, why am I floating? 
Knuckles: You're not floating, the island is falling!

(The emerald chamber begins to crumble)
Sleet: Take this! We have to get out of here!
Sonia: Not so fast, Sleet! 
Dingo: Ahh, Soh-nia!

(Sonia uses her laser (but Sleet and Dingo dodge) and the blast 
makes a hole in the wall)
Sleet: How convenient! Hurry, Dingo!

(Sleet and Dingo head toward their ship with the emerald)
Sonic: Whoa, we gotta get that emerald back or we're gonna splatter
       like bugs when we hit!
Sonia: Sonic! Up there! Sleet and Dingo!

Sleet: Almost there! Hurry Dingo!
Dingo: Look! Ahh, it's Soh-nia again!
(Dingo hits a stone and accidentally drops the emerald)
Dingo: Oww! Uh-oh...
Sleet: Dingo, let's go! Ahh, you IDIOT!
       SWATBots move out - retrieve the emerald!

Sonia: They're getting away!
Sonic: But not wi
th the emerald! Look! Let's do it to it!

(Knuckles dives to recover the emerald and the song begins)

People don't always say what they mean,
And things are not always what they seem,
You'd better know before you make a scene,
That things are not always what they seem.

Friend or foe, how do you know, let their actions speak,
Better or worse, trap some verse, soon enough you'll see,

People don't always say what they mean,
And things are not always what they seem,
You'd better know before you make a scene,
That things are not always what they seem.

Rumors coming, rumors going, till you get some proof,
Don't believe what you hear, try to find the truth

People don't always say what they mean,
And things are not always what they seem,
You'd better know before you make a scene,
That things are not always what they seem.

Not what they seem!

(Sonic has the Emerald; the island continues to fall)
Sonic: Sonia, Manic?
Manic: Hey, we did it! Whoa!
Knuckles: Sonic! The emerald!!
(Knuckles takes the emerald from Sonic and returns it to the 
 Emerald Chamber)

(In the shuttle)
Robotnik: Sleet! Dingo! You'd better have the emerald. If you don't,
          I'm going to have you robotosized piece by piece! Where
          are you? ANSWER ME!
Dingo: Sleet, did you ever hear a little voice, like, talking to 
(Sleet gets the radio and throws it out of the vehicle)

(On Floating Island, Knuckles prepares to eat..)
Knuckles: This is Crupnik, an echidnan delicacy. It's good, here, 
          eat up!
Sonic: Ahhh... thanks, Knux!
Knuckles: So, why did you come to Floating Island? 
Manic: To find our mom, Queen Aleena. 
Knuckles: Queen Aleena is your mom? Why didn't you say so! I knew 
          her! She was here when I was just a kid! 
          She left this for you.

Sonia: In the final days of Robotnik's tyranny...
Queen Aleena: Allies will unite with my children. First among them 
              will be Knuckles, guardian of the Chaos Emerald.