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Fast Friends Forever[1], alternatively formatted as Fast. Friends. Forever.[2], is a campaign launched by Sega in celebration of the Sonic the Hedgehog fanbase throughout the summer of 2023, themed around the friendship and teamwork of Sonic and his friends.


The campaign was first announced on August 8, 2023[1], with the promise of the following content throughout the campaign[2]:

On December 13, 2023, Sega released a final collaborative art piece to end the campaign that featured every artist who had contributed a comic with the background being done by Evan Stanley.[3][4]

Comic strips

A series of short four-panel digital comic strips began the day after the event was announced. Sega announced that a total of 15 comics would be posted over the coming months, each drawn and written by various artists from around the world[2]. They were published on both the event's official website and official Sonic the Hedgehog social channels.

Unused comic strips

There was at least one unused strip in the series. It was supposed to be released on November 6, 2023 as the tenth Fast Friends Forever comic strip, but was pulled and instead replaced with the next strip in the series, "An Easy Fix?" by Kim Isa. The strip was found because the file name stricture on the official website was simply numbered in order. After "An Easy Fix?" by Kim Isa the file names for the comic strips were instead named after the artist.

Interviews were not hosted on the official website and has not been found and it is unknown if this strip was going to come with a video as not all artists made videos.

Video messages

Sometimes, along with each new comic strip, its artist would send out a video message:

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Ian Jones-Quartey Video message, Posted on August 9, 2023[29].
Video Placeholder.svg
Matt Braly Video message, Posted on August 16, 2023[30].
Video Placeholder.svg
Jeremey Chinshue "TerminalMontage" Video message, Posted on August 21, 2023[31].
Video Placeholder.svg
Van Partible Video message, Posted on September 4, 2023[32].
Video Placeholder.svg
Faye Mata Video message, Posted on September 18, 2023[33].
Video Placeholder.svg
Ninomae Ina'nis Video message, Posted on October 23, 2023[34].
Video Placeholder.svg
James Turner Video message, Posted on October 30, 2023[35].
Video Placeholder.svg
Natália Dias Video message, Posted on November 13, 2023[36].


Every comic strip was accompanied by a small interview with its creator:

Promotional material

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