Dolphin Resort

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Dolphin Resort
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Dolphin Resort
First track, Sonic Free Riders
Number of Acts: 2
Level themes: urban, underwater
Played as: Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, Rouge, E-10000B
Rocky Ridge
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Dolphin Resort is the first racecourse in Sonic Free Riders. A futuristic holiday locale, Dolphin Resort has wide, glass-paved boulevards and water features as far as the eye can see; including a rather prevelant population of dolphins, who tend to leap out of the water at the same time as the racers are performing Extreme Gear tricks to catch Air. The area is the starting line for the racing Grand Prix, hosted by "King Doc of Toreggmania".


Team Heroes - Dolphin Resort Standard

Mission Objective Character Rank requirements
1 Place 3rd or higher after one lap! Sonic
  • B: 1:20>
  • A: 1:15-1:20
  • S: <1:15
2 Collect over 100 Rings within the time limit! Tails
  • B: 100-149 Rings
  • A: 150-199 Rings
  • S: 200+ Rings
3 Grind three or more rails and cross the finish line! Sonic
  • B: 3-4 grinds
  • A: 5-6 grinds
  • S: 7 grinds

Team Dark - Dolphin Resort Expert

Mission Objective Character Rank requirements
1 Fly through the dash rings over 10 times and reach the goal! Rouge
  • B: 10-17 dash rings
  • A: 18-24 dash rings
  • S: 25 dash rings
2 Take down at least 3 rivals before crossing the goal! E-10000B
  • B: 3 attacks
  • A: 4 attacks
  • S: 5 attacks
3 Beat Sonic to the goal! Shadow
  • B:
  • A:
  • S:


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