Casino Paradise Zone

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Casino Paradise Zone
Casino Paradise Zone
Third level, Sonic Advance
Number of Acts: 2
Level theme: carnival/casino
Boss: Egg Ball
Non-English names:
  • JP: カジノパラダイスゾーン Kajinoparadaisuzōn
Secret Base Zone | Ice Mountain Zone

The third zone of Sonic Advance, Casino Paradise Zone is almost a copy of Sonic 2's Casino Night Zone conceptually speaking. A vast neon base of flippers, balloons, and garish bouncy blocks, the level sees whimsical castles and exploding fireworks throughout the background. Elastic flags help you to build up speed, and a wobbling platform reminiscent of Carnival Night Zone's "Barrel of Doom" crops up in Act 2.

The zone has bowl-shaped spinning drums which later appear in Angel Island Zone under different graphics. Also, the level starts off with a welcome sign, perhaps a reference to early screenshots of Sonic 1, which had a welcome sign at the beginning of Green Hill Zone. The background is similar to the background at Walt Disney World Resort's Magic Kingdom.


  • Hanabii - Lizard robot that fires fireworks into the sky.
  • Pierrot - Clown robot that rolls around back and forth.
  • Slot - Bat robot that drops energy bombs.


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