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Casino Paradise Zone
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Casino Paradise Zone
Third Zone, Sonic Advance
Number of Acts: 2
Level theme: carnival/casino
Boss: Egg Ball
Maximum rings, Act 1: 348 + 13~130
Maximum rings, Act 2: 397 + 37~310
Non-English names:
  • JP: カジノパラダイスゾーン
Secret Base Zone | Ice Mountain Zone

Casino Paradise Zone is the third Zone of Sonic Advance. This Zone comes after Secret Base Zone and precedes Ice Mountain Zone.


Conceptually speaking, Casino Paradise Zone is almost a copy of Sonic 2's Casino Night Zone. A vast neon base of flippers, balloons, and garish bouncy blocks, the level sees whimsical castles and exploding fireworks throughout the background. Elastic flags help to build up speed, and a wobbling platform reminiscent of Carnival Night Zone's "Barrel of Doom" crops up in Act 2. Letters that spell out "SEGA" and "SONIC" are only solid when they are lit up, so the player must be careful when using them as stepping stones.

The zone has bowl-shaped spinning drums which later appear in Angel Island Zone under different graphics. Also, the level starts off with a welcome sign, perhaps a reference to early screenshots of Sonic 1, which had a welcome sign at the beginning of Green Hill Zone. The background is similar to the background at Walt Disney World Resort's Magic Kingdom.


Hanabii — Lizard robot that fires fireworks into the sky.
Pierrot — Clown robot that rolls around back and forth.
Slot — Bat robot that drops energy bombs.

Special Spring location

The Special Spring for this Zone is located in Act 1. To find it, the player should take the top-most routes as much as possible. The player will eventually find the spring sitting on a platform across a fast stretch of road before entering a spiral tube. Any character can jump to this platform without any difficulty.


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