Blue Devil

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Blue Devil
First seen: Sonic Drift 2 (1995)
User: Metal Sonic

The Blue DevilMedia:SonicDrift2 GG US manual.pdf[1] (ブルーデビル)Media:SonicDrift2 GG JP manual.pdf[2] is the racing car used by Metal Sonic in Sonic Drift 2.


The Blue Devil is designed to be an all-blue convertible sports car that features a yellow colored edge in front of the control seat made to fit for Metal Sonic only, a lag reduction system, and two motors behind the back-wheels.

The Blue Devil's stats are at larger extremes than Sonic's Cyclone in that it has the highest top speed of all vehicles, but suffers from having the worst handling, making tight corners an issue. For its special ability, the car can perform an even stronger dash than the Cyclone; however, it is so powerful that it requires three Rings instead of two.Media:SonicDrift2 GG US manual.pdf[1]

Character Vehicle Special Move Gameplay
Acceleration Speed Handling
Drift 2 MetalSonic.png Metal Sonic Blue Devil Super speed dash (more than red monitor power-up, uses three rings) Very high Very high Very low


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