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Hill Top
  • Course 1
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Hill Top
Second & Tenth course, Sonic Drift 2
Level theme: mountain/canyon
Emerald Hill | Dark Valley

In addition to its original iteration in Sonic 2, Hill Top appears as a racecourse in Sonic Drift 2 for the Sega Game Gear.

This stage (as "Hill Top 1") is the second track of the Purple Chaos GP, after Emerald Hill 1 and before Dark Valley 1. The racers re-enter the region during the White Chaos GP, where "Hill Top 2" is the fourth track, coming between Ice Cap and Mystic Cave.

The Zone sports the same blue soil and high-altitude clouds as it did in Sonic 2, although trips to the fiery underground are not forthcoming during this visit. It's for the best - lava would no doubt to bad things to the tire grips! The roadsurface is, however, pitted with displaced mounds of earth from the oh-so-frequent earthquakes, so keep your wits about you.

Chaos GP Map Power-ups
Rings Spring Star Reverse Ball Monitors
Red Blue Yellow Black
Purple Drift 2 hilltop act1.png 14 4 2
White Drift 2 hilltop act2.png 11 1 2


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