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<forumuser name="Quexinos" /> Sonique (now Quexinos, decidedly pronounced Kay-ZEE-Nohs) is the current name of a female oldbie of the Sonic community. She originally began as Soneec. She started a website called Sonic Pandemonium which attracted a small crowd of dedicated fans known as the Sonic Pandemonium Gang. After sometime, Soneec became Sonique and Sonic Pandemonium became Perfect Chaos. The small group still hung around known, known then as the Perfect Chaos Gang.

As time went on, she grew less interested in the Sonic games and more interested in the Saturday morning Sonic series, known as SatAM. It was then she started the website that she is probably best known for, FUS (Fans United for SatAM). FUS gathered a rather large fanbase for the series over the years. The site had many ups and downs but truly its highpoint was the release of the entire series on DVD in 2007. Shout!Factory contacted Sonique herself to help them with the release. As of result of her helping, she is forever immortalized on the DVD boxset with her name listed under Special Thanks. After this, Sonique (now known as Quexinos) gave her SatAM website to Rocky Raccoon who then handed it off to Chief and John Roberts. She now dedicates her enthusiasm to the anime series One Piece and many other things.

(Note that "Quexinos" is a rearrangement of "Sonique" with an added 'x', a style used in the video game Kingdom Hearts 2 to designate a "Nobody.")

Although missing for some time from the Sonic Retro fandom, Quexinos has been posting lately in response to the new Sonic Unleashed news.