Fans United for SatAM

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Fans United for SatAM
Current owner(s): Chief and John Roberts
Created on: 2000
Current status: Online

Fans United for SatAM (FUS) is a huge community of individuals supporting the old Saturday Morning Sonic television show on ABC, the Fans United for SatAM website contains the Season 3 comic, exclusive interviews with the creators of the show, fan fictions, fan art and music.


In 2007, FUS was handed over to Rocky James Raccoon by Sonique. Sonique decided that she no longer wished to run FUS, having reached their ultimate goal. Rocky has since proceeded to update the site with a newer, cleaner look, and has gone about resurrecting the Sea3on three comic. He's also added a 'FUS Wiki' in which everyday people can contribute with their knowledge of SatAM.

In mid-2009, Rocky James Raccoon had given up on the website, transferring ownership to Chief who then proceeded to enlist in John Roberts help and Sonique's (now Quexinos) to try to bring some life back into the site. They have given the site a new design and began work on the Sea3on comic again which is updated every Friday. They have also purchased a license of Invision Power Board and have installed a shout box among other things to bring the community together. Fans of this site should definitely check it out if they have the chance.

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