Labyrinth of the Sea

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Sonic Retro emblem.svg Sonic Labyrinth
Labyrinth of the Sea
Labyrinth of the Sea
Second level, Sonic Labyrinth
Number of Acts: 4
Level theme: underwater
Boss: Kani Pearl
Non-English names:
Labyrinth of the Sky | Labyrinth of the Factory

Labyrinth of the Sea is the second Zone of Sonic Labyrinth. As with other Zones in this game, Labyrinth of the Sea consists of three standard Acts followed by a shorter fourth Act which contains a downhill slide and the Zone's boss.


Labyrinth of the Sea is a underwater area. This is apparent as starfish, seaweed, and rocks can be found in on the floor outside of the walking area. Although the level is set underwater the gameplay is no different from any other Zone in the game - Sonic moves just as "fast" as before and never runs out of air. The level uses cannons frequently to help the player move from platform to platform. There are also air bubbles which will blast the player's character into the air.

The timer in the first three Acts starts off at 1 minute and 15 seconds. The Zone's boss is Kani Pearl.


This underwater maze has doors to secret rooms, quicksand traps and cannons to fire you over barriers. Some cannons switch directions. Press Button 1 or 2 to fire in the direction shown by the arrow.

Sonic Labyrinth US manualMedia:SonicLabyrinth GG US manual.pdf[4]


Kabutoto — Horseshoe crab-like Badnik that sits there, guarding a key.
Ototo — Shark bots that jet forward whenever Sonic is in a cannon.
Puyoyo — Blobby jellyfish-like bots that squirm on the ground.
Takoko — Immobile octopus bots that shoot in multiple directions.
Yadokaka — Hermit crab robots that hide in their shells.


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