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Julien-K logo.

Julien-K is a side project for electronic music created by Amir Derakh and Ryan Shuck of electro-pop group Orgy. The group has recorded two full-length albums, as well as multiple other songs as of August 2011. The song "This Machine" was written for Sonic Heroes's Team Dark theme. In addition, the group has a song -- "Waking Up" -- on Shadow the Hedgehog.

Interesting facts

  • Apparently, Jun Senoue has said that he was a fan of Rough Cutt, an 80s metal band Amir Derakh was in, according to an interview with Amir Derakh and Ryan Shuck.
  • After Derakh was in Rough Cutt, he joined a band by the name of Jailhouse.
  • Outside of their relations with the Sonic the Hedgehog series: Their first album was first announced in 2004. The album titled "Death To Analog" is scheduled for release on March 10th 2009.

Death To Analog Track list

  • Death To Analog
  • Someday Soon
  • Kick The Bass
  • Technical Difficulties
  • System De Sexe
  • Maestro
  • Forever
  • Spiral
  • Nvr Say Nvr
  • Dystopian Girl
  • Look At U
  • Stranded
  • Disease
  • Futura (DTA Mix)

We're Here With You Track list

  • We're Here With You
  • Surrounded By Cowards
  • Cruel Daze Of Summer
  • Breakfast In Berlin
  • Palm Springs Reset
  • Colorcast
  • Close Continuance
  • Nights Of Future Past
  • Flashpoint Riot
  • I'll Try Not To Destroy You

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