Virtual Knothole Village

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Virtual Knothole Village
Current owner(s): RemiX
Created on: 199?
Current status: Offline

Virtual Knothole Village was a website that was dedicated to an old MUD (multi-user dungeon) that surrounded the SatAM story line. The site was owned by a guy by the alias of RemiX who was an acquaintance of one of our own former sceners Cyan Helkaraxe. This site had in one section of it pictures of the unreleased Sonic X-treme and the concept art picture of Hidden Palace Zone with track 10 from the final version of Sonic the Hedgehog 2.

Studio R

Sometime after February 1999, the website was shut down and transformed into a archive for his artwork. Below is the message which was placed on the website:[1]

For those of you that hadn't figured it out yet, I deleted my site, as I am converting it into an archive of my artwork. I have given up on Sonic fandom pretty much for a few reasons, One, I pretty much hate the archie comic now, since it is so badly written. Second, the Dreamcast, based on many people's opinions will most likely fall to the PlayStation 2 unless SEGA does something soon. And lastly, I'm just plain tired of running a site this large and trying to keep up with everything and my school work. Since drawing is my hobbie I figured I'd keep the site but convert it into an art archive.

Now then, for the next matter of business, PLEASE leave poor Kit alone. She didn't hack my site or anything, everything that's been deleted I (RemiX) deleted. I have given her my permission to use space on my site, and if you think about it, if she hacked my site, don't you think I would have done something about it by now?

The new Studio R site will be coming soon, (hopefully) just as soon as I get access to a scanner I'll start putting up art. My luck everyone I know, their scanner is broken. :P

If you don't believe this message or something go ahead and e-mail me at [email protected] or talk to me on AIM as MechaRemix or talk to me on IRC as [RemiX]

Studio R is still up and running as a website, but it has a small amount of content.

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