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E102 is a member of the Sonic Retro community who focuses on the music of the Sonic the Hedgehog series. He has contributed updated credits to various pieces of music in various Sonic games, including:

• More official titles for tracks from the Mega Drive / Genesis and Game Gear games
• Information on the sound tests for the Sonic Advance trilogy and related titles
• The creation of pages for Keiichi Sugiyama, Sachio Ogawa, Masayuki Nagao, Kojiro Mikusa, Chikayo Fukuda, Yoshiaki Kashima, Mitsuharu Fukuyama, Hidenori Shoji, Takeshi Isozaki, and many, many more
• Evidence for the connection between the pseudonym Dawasa and the composer Tomonori Sawada
• As above, between Milpo and Yoshiaki Kashima

It is also originally thanks to his efforts that the long-standing idea that Masayuki Nagao was a pseudonym of Naofumi Hataya (known chiefly to Sonic fans as one of the two composers for the Japanese soundtrack of Sonic the Hedgehog CD), which had spread rampantly across the Internet, was finally resolved as being false.

He has contributed more on Sega Retro, having updated the credit lists for nearly every Wave Master employee and sound staff member about whom said wiki has an article. He also updates the pages for other Sega developers on occasion.

He is perhaps best known on the Sonic scene for his contributions in properly crediting the music of Sonic 3 & Knuckles, having officially tagged nearly half the soundtrack thus far; and he has made efforts to ascertain exactly what Michael Jackson et al. did for the game, including the debunking of PicklePower's "technical limitations" rumor relating to Sonic & Knuckles Collection.

In 2012 he shifted more towards the addition of game credits, especially the obscure arcade titles that most databases such as MobyGames ignore.

In 2013 he has incorporated voice acting credits, and in doing so, has successfully contacted Moriah Angeline and Greg Weber and confirmed the respective roles of Maria Robotnik in Sonic Adventure 2 (who had previously been credited to Shelly Fox with no evidence whatsoever pertaining to it) and Jeff Kramer as E-123 Omega in Shadow the Hedgehog (whose credit faced corruption on many, many levels).

Before joining Sonic Retro, he made other discoveries relating to composers such as Toshihiko Horiyama, Yasuaki Fujita, and Naoshi Mizuta and has since contacted the likes of Chris Rezanson, Hideki Naganuma, Teruo Konishi and Shuichi Mizohata. and has furthered the resolve for greater credit information via liner notes, archived data and – though it sometimes backfires – his own perceptions.

His motto: If he doesn't do it, who will?

To this day he is still surprised that no one before him registered with this name.