Sweet Dreams

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Sweet Dreams
Sweet Dreams
Bonus Dreamscape, Sonic Dream Team
Number of Acts: 4
Location: Dreamscape
Level theme: sky
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Sweet Dreams is an extra level in Sonic Dream Team that made its debut with the Content Update 2. Like all other levels in the game, Sweet Dreams consists of three regular Acts plus a dedicated boss Act; although, unlike other levels in the game, this is separate from the main game and the last two Acts are locked behind an update.


A surreal-looking, mostly sky-themed Dreamscape area filled with floating structures, platforms and obstacles to come across. A mix of well-timed platforming and speed is required to make good use of Sweet Dream's plethora of gimmicks, from floating ramps to vertical and horizontal launchers, but the player most be careful as the zone is also filled with danger in the form of floating spiked-balls on the way to the finish.

This level introduces a new collectible called the Dream Moon, collecting enough Dream Moons unlocks the next act.



Buzz Bomber — Bee-like badnik that shoot projectiles from its stinger.


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