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Dr. Crabulous
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Cognitive Crustacean, Dr. Crabulous
Game: Sonic Dream Team
Level: Scrambled Shores
Hits to defeat: 4

Dr. Crabulous is the first boss of Sonic Dream Team, encountered at the end of Scrambled Shores. It is a giant inflatable robot resembling a Crabmeat sporting Dr. Eggman's moustache.


Dr. Crabulous is fought within a very large, circular arena, and primarily attacks the player by slamming the ground with its large pincers, creating shockwaves that the player must jump over to avoid damage. After a few attacks, it will get a pincer stuck in the sand, and the player must strike the pincer with a Homing Attack to puncture it and deal damage to the boss.

After both pincers are deflated, Dr. Crabulous will resort to jumping around the arena, creating shockwaves with each landing. It will get stuck in the sand after jumping a few times, thus the player must go behind it and attack its stopper with a Homing Attack, causing it to shrink down to a tiny size. At this point, one more hit will take out Dr. Crabulous and clear the boss fight.


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