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In-Game cheats

Sonic Spinball contains two different in-game cheats - a level select and a skip to the credits. It is worth noting that it is possible to break how these are entered: on the Option screen, the Flipper option lets the player change the button assignments for the Left, Right and All flippers; however the way it does this is by remapping the button not just for the flippers, but for the entire game. As such, whatever LEFT is set to becomes the A button, whatever RIGHT is set to becomes B, and whatever ALL is set to becomes C. While this method of remapping the buttons makes no difference in-game, the one thing this does effect is that if the player enters one of the below cheat codes on a joypad after altering the button assignments, the code will not work: if for example the player has set it to A: LEFT, B: ALL, C: RIGHT, every press of B on the joypad will actually be recognised by the game as pressing C. This also means, for example, if the code for the level select is entered correctly, then the flipper layout changed so B is set to control ALL flippers, pressing B+Start will actually take you to Level 4, and not Level 3.

Select level

On the Options screen press A Down B Down C Down A B Up A C Up B C Up. A chime will play. Return to the title screen and hold button A+Start for Level 2, B+Start for Level 3, and C+Start to begin on level 4.

Jump to the Credits

On the Options screen, press C Up B Up A Up C B Down C A Down B A Down. A chime will play, and you will be taken straight to the credits screen.

Cheat device codes

These are cheat codes that can only be used with game enhancer devices. Support for these codes is available in most emulators.

Game Genie

Official codes

Code Effect Reference
AFBT-4AHR Start with 1 life.
AKBT-4AHR Start with 2 lives.
AZBT-4AHR Start with 5 lives.
A7BT-4AHR Start with 7 lives.
AXBA-4A4T Infinite lives.
B69A-4AHR + B69T-4AAA Get extra man about every 1,000,000 pts.
KT9A-4AHR + KT9T-4AAA Get extra man about every 5,000,000 pts.
XA9A-4AHR + XA9T-4AAA Get extra man about every 10,000,000 pts.
3J9A-4CHR + 3J9T-4CAA Get extra man about every 30,000,000 pts.
9N9A-4EHR + 9N9T-4EAA Get extra man about every 50,000,000 pts.
BGXA-8AH6 10 balls in Level 1 bonus round.
AWXA-8AH6 5 balls in Level 1 bonus round.
AGXA-8AH6 2 balls in Level 1 bonus round.
ACXA-8AH6 1 ball in Level 1 bonus round.
BGXA-8AGG 10 balls in Level 2 bonus round.
AWXA-8AGG 5 balls in Level 2 bonus round.
AGXA-8AGG 2 balls in Level 2 bonus round.
ACXA-8AGG 1 ball in Level 2 bonus round.
BGXT-8AA2 10 balls in Level 3 bonus round.
AWXT-8AA2 5 balls in Level 3 bonus round.
AGXT-8AA2 2 balls in Level 3 bonus round.
ACXT-8AA2 1 ball in Level 3 bonus round.
AXST-8A5L Infinite balls in all bonus rounds.
AFBT-5N7G Start on Level 2: Lava Powerhouse.
AKBT-5N7G Start on Level 3: The Machine.
APBT-5N7G Start on Level 4: Showdown.

Action Replay

Unofficial codes

Code Effect
FFF8F8:01 Enable Level Select
FFF20D:03 Infinite Balls In Bonus Levels
FF579E:0003 Infinite Lives
FF0360:0? Music Modifier


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