Sonic the Hedgehog Spinball (Mega Drive prototype; 1993-09-17)

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Sonic the Hedgehog Spinball
(Mega Drive prototype; 1993-09-17)
Prerelease of: Sonic the Hedgehog Spinball
System: Sega Mega Drive
Build date: 1993-09-17
ROM size: 1 MB
Source: EPROMs
Found by: drx

The Sonic Spinball 1993-09-17 prototype is a prototype build of Sonic Spinball for the Sega Mega Drive. The EPROMs it was contained on claim it to be dated September 17, 1993.

This is a PAL prototype that was burned to EPROMs at least five days before the final US build. As a later build than the earlier prototype, this build is close to the final game, and is possible to fully complete the game. There are only a few minor differences from all final builds, including the early title theme.


This prototype was discovered and acquired by drx of Hidden Palace, and was streamed on Twitch alongside the 2001-05-07 prototype of Sonic Adventure 2 and a VHS tape of an animation test for Feel on December 30, 2020. The prototype was released to the public after the stream had ended.

Another copy of this build was previously found on a set of EPROMs dated Octover 19, 1993 as far back as 2009, however the EPROM set was incomplete, meaning a playable prototype could not be compiled.[1] This build is a complete dump of that build.[2]


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