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Localisation comparisons

Sonic3 MD Comparison MilesActEnd.png
Japanese version
Sonic3 MD Comparison TailsActEnd.png
Western versions

Like Sonic the Hedgehog 2, the Japanese version of Sonic 3 tends to prefer to call Tails by his first name, "Miles". Due to the way Sonic 3 is designed, however, the only time the change is seen is when a score card appears. Here, "Miles" completes an act, though unlike Sonic 2 there is an inconsistency, as the life icon uses "Tails" across all versions of the game.

Sonic3 MD Comparison MilesChaosEmerald.png
Japanese version
Sonic3 MD Comparison TailsChaosEmerald.png
Western versions

Miles gets a Chaos Emerald.



Certain music tracks have been changed in the Sonic & Knuckles Collection version of Sonic 3, including the themes for Carnival Night Zone, IceCap Zone and Launch Base Zone. This is likely because the voice samples weren't supported by the MIDI standard, or due to legal issues.


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