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Sonic Worlds

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Fast Facts on Sonic Worlds

Latest Version: 0.1b
Latest Release Date: 03/25/07
Engine: Sonic Worlds
Credits: SFGHQ Community

Not to be confused with Sonic World, the 3D level in Sonic Jam or the Sonic World that made Sonic 6.

Sonic Worlds is an open-source collaborative-based project sponsored by the Sonic Fan Games HQ community. By the use of Multimedia Fusion 2 Vitalize! tool, the creators intend to create a web community where users can freely play independent levels online (something along the guidelines of a "Online Arcade" webpage).

Making a Sonic the Hedgehog engine is one of the most tedious part of the game creation process, so Worlds provides a premade engine with a basic set of objects and features in order to allow designers to mainly focus on level design. Due the collaborative nature of this project, everyone can freely use this pre-made engine, modify it and submit additions to the official releases to enhance the quality of the resulting product.

Once designers have their level or set of levels done, they will be able to submit them into the Sonic Worlds webpage, where is put into a Level Ranking System. The Sonic Worlds project will also feature eventual level design competitions (with prizes, of course) in order to increase participation on the project and enjoyment for the players, being the first one for SAGE 2007.


Progress So Far

(360º) Platform engine - 99% (There's always room to add something more)

1. Coded as flexible as possible. Sections of internal code can be easily activated/deactivated without effort using the flags provided by the engine. Also, a simple interruption system has been added in case objects or gimmicks need to do certain checks in an specific part of the code.

2. Actions are implemented using a modular/statesmachine-based design. Adding new actions is fairly easy this way, and tends to be easier to find out bugs; as every actions needs to be relationated with each other.

3. Advanced sensor system. Using an enhanced system than the previous 360º engine, Worlds makes use of the Alterable Strings to use the less number of fast loops possible. As additions, now sensors' offset position can be adjusted through their alterable values.

Actions implemented

  1. Common action (Idle, Walking/Running, etc)
  2. Jumping
  3. Look up
  4. Crouch Down
  5. Spin Dash
  6. Rolling
  7. Skidding
  8. (Tails) Flying/Swimming
  9. (Knuckles) Gliding
  10. (Sonic) peel-out
  11. Super Transformations


  1. Hyper Tranformations

Gimmicks implemented

  1. [Damizean] Bridges (S1 & S2)
  2. [Damizean] Water
  3. [Damizean] Conveyor Belts (S1, SBZ)
  4. [Damizean] Moving Platforms
  5. [Damizean & DimensionWarped] Swinging Platform (S1, GHZ)
  6. [DimensionWarped & Damizean] Nut and Screw (S2, MZ)
  7. [DimensionWarped] Fireball spitter (S1, SLZ)
  8. [DimensionWarped] Hanging Bars + Moving platforms
  9. [DimensionWarped] Flippers (S2, CNZ)
  10. [DimensionWarped] Corks (S1, LZ)
  11. [Zenor] Collapsable Platforms (S2, MCZ)
  12. [Azu] Teleportation Orb (S&K, SSZ)
  13. [JSonic] Spinning Gear (Sonic 2 Gamegear)
  14. [Azu] Vertical teleporters (S&K, HPZ)
  15. [Azu] Upward Antigrav tubes (S3, CNZ)


  1. [Rael0505] Tunnels (S1, GHZ)
  2. [Appo] Pushable Block(S1, MHZ)

Screenshot Gallery

Download.svg Download Sonic Worlds
File: Sonic Worlds Engine 01Beta.7z (1.21MB) (info)
Current version: 0.1b

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