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Sonic Worlds
Latest version: 1.5.2
Latest release date: 10/15/16
Engine: Sonic Worlds
Credits: SFGHQ Community
Not to be confused with Sonic World, the 3D level in Sonic Jam or the Sonic World that made Sonic 6.

Sonic Worlds is an open-source 360° platform engine created in Multimedia Fusion 2, and a collaborate effort of the Sonic Fan Games HQ community. With fully-playable characters, a set of objects, and other features, Worlds allows designers to mainly focus on level design and other aspects. Additions to the engine can be submitted so that they would eventually become a part of the official release.

The Worlds engine is shown to be potent enough to create full-length fangames, one example being Sonic Before the Sequel. It was also used to create commercial titles; indie game Freedom Planet utilizes the 360° movement and features, but also heavily altered the core engine to their need.


Platform Engine

The engine is 99% feature-complete, but there's always room to add something more. It had been coded to be as flexible as possible; sections of internal code can be easily activated/deactivated using flags (booleans in MMF language) that are provided by the engine. Also, a simple interruption system has been added in case objects or gimmicks need to do certain checks in a specific part of the code.

The Advanced Sensor System makes use of Alterable Strings to reduce the number of fast loops needed. Sensors can now also offset using alterable values.


"Actions" are designed to be modular, state machine-like, which allows for new actions to be added more easily. It also makes it easy to find bugs in them, as every action has to transition from one another. Default Actions:

  • "Common" Actions that include Idle, Walking/Running, etc. (grounded state), and Jumping (mid-air state)
  • Looking up and Crouching Down
  • Rolling, Skidding
  • The Spin Dash
  • Character-specific actions (i.e Sonic's Peel-out, Tails' Flying/Swimming, Knuckles' Gliding, Amy's Hammer, and Shadow's Boost)
  • Super Transformations

Gimmicks Implemented

  1. [Damizean] Moving Platforms
  2. [Techokami] Falling Platforms
  3. [Damizean] Bridges
  4. [LarkSS] Swing (S1, Green Hill Zone)
  5. [Damizean & DW] Screw + Nut Platform (S2, Metropolis Zone)
  6. [DimensionWarped] Fireball Thrower (S1, Star Light Zone)
  7. [DimensionWarped] Basic Hanging Bar (S2, Sky Fortress Zone)
  8. [Zenor] Collapsing platform
  9. [Techokami] Collapsing platform (Scalable)
  10. [Damizean] Conveyor Belts
  11. [Azu & Damizean] Teleportation Orb
  12. [Azu & Damizean] Sky Sanctuary Teleport Orb
  13. [DimensionWarped] Corks (S1, Labyrinth Zone)
  14. [DimensionWarped] Pinball Flippers (S2, Casino Night Zone)
  15. [Azu] Accelerator (S3, Carnival Night Zone)
  16. [LarkSS] Pole Pod (Original)
  17. [Rael0505] Tunnels (S1, Green Hill Zone)
  18. [Damizean & Techokami] Pinball Bumpers
  19. [Techokami] Switch-Controlled Doors
  20. [Techokami] Shutters
  21. [LarkSS] SwingPole (S&K, Mushroom Hill Zone)
  22. [LarkSS] Corkscrew (S2, Emerald Hill Zone)
  23. [Blue Emerald] Lava (S1, Marble Zone)
  24. [Techokami] Barrel (S3, Carnival Night Zone)
  25. [LarkSS] Mushroom Lever (S&K, Mushroom Hill Zone)
  26. [DimensionWarped] Hanging Lift
  27. [LarkSS & Techokami] Water Current
  28. [LakeFeperd] Fan
  29. [LakeFeperd] Thunder Balloon/Electric Blast (Sonic Chrono Adventure)
  30. [LakeFeperd] Flame Orb/Fire Blast (Sonic Chrono Adventure)
  31. [Techokami] Slides
  32. [Naoshi] Speed Pad (S2, Chemical Plant Zone)
  33. [Azu] Water Gush (S3, Hydrocity Zone)

Unoffical Additions

  • Hyper Transformations
  • Partner System


By the use of Multimedia Fusion 2 Vitalize! tool, the creators intended to create a web community where users can freely play independent levels online (something along the lines of an "Online Arcade" webpage).

Once designers have their level or set of levels done, they would have been able to submit them into the Sonic Worlds webpage, where the submission would be put into a Level Ranking System. The Sonic Worlds project is said to would have also featured level design competitions in order to increase participation on the project and enjoyment for the players, being the first one for SAGE 2007.

Screenshot Gallery

Games using the Engine


  • Sonic Worlds: Level Collab (2011)
  • Sonic Axiom (2011)
  • Fangames by LakeFeperd:
  • Sonic.Exe: The Spirits of Hell (2018) (as well as several Sonic.EXE fangames to date)


  • Freedom Planet (2014)
  • Spark the Electric Jester (2017)


Download.svg Download Sonic Worlds
File: Sonic Worlds Delta (34.92 MB) (info)
Current version: 1.5.2

There's also a "Simple" and "Not So Simple" version and a unofficial partner system for Delta and "Not So Simple".

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