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This page has a list of articles for Sonic the Hedgehog 3 and covers short magazine articles not deserving of their own page.

File Date Source Title and comments
SegaMagazine UK 02.pdf SegaMagazine UK 02.pdf


Sega Magazine (UK) #2: "February 1994"
SegaMagazine UK 02.pdf SegaMagazine UK 02.pdf


Sega Magazine (UK) #2: "February 1994"

File Date Source Title and comments
EGM US 044.pdf "Gaming Gossip"
Electronic Gaming Monthly confirms that a Sonic 3 is in development after talking to Sega at Winter CES 1993.
EGM US 046.pdf "Sega, 1993 and Beyond..."
Another brief hint from EGM that a Sonic 3 exists.
Supersonic FR 17.pdf "News: Sonic 3"
ConsolesPlus FR 028.pdf ConsolesPlus FR 028.pdf "Previews: Sonic 3"
Three-page preview.
PlayerOne FR 038.pdf "Stop Info: Sonic 3"
MeanMachinesSega16UK.pdf MeanMachinesSega16UK.pdf "Megadrive Preview: Sonic 3"
Six-page preview and cover article detailing the upcoming game. The writer examines the history of Sonic games from the last 3 years, before covering new features in Sonic the Hedgehog 3, such as Tails' ability to fly and carry Sonic, the addition of Knuckles, the three types of shield, and the overall improvment in graphics over the last game. The first three zones are described, as well as the spherical Special Stages and new two-player exclusive levels. The game is said to be 80% complete with a projected March release date.
SegaVisions US 17.pdf SegaVisions US 17.pdf "Sega Game Feature: Genesis - Sonic the Hedgehog 3"
PlayerOne FR 039.pdf PlayerOne FR 039.pdf "Tests: Sonic 3"
Joypad FR 028.pdf "Megadrive: Sonic 3"
ElectronicGames2 US 17.pdf ElectronicGames2 US 17.pdf "Sonic 3Peat!"
Electronic Games previews Sonic 3 in their February 1994 issue. According to the article, the music is not yet finalised.
EGM US 055.pdf "Special Feature!: Sonic the Hedgehog 3"
GamePlayers US 0702.pdf GamePlayers US 0702.pdf "Cover Feature: Sonic The Hedgehog 3"
SegaMagazine UK 02.pdf SegaMagazine UK 02.pdf "Showcase: Sonic 3"
SegaMagazine UK 02.pdf "Review: Sonic 3"
Later on in the issue, a review.
CVG UK 148.pdf "Review: Sonic the Hedgehog 3"
Three-page review.
MeanMachinesSega17UK.pdf "Megadrive Review: Sonic 3"
Six-page review of the game. The article covers a range of topics, including the addition of a boss on every act, the increased level size and individual level gimmicks, new power-ups and the 3D Special Stages. The reviewers are impressed with the large, detailed levels and graphics, but criticise the difficulty as too easy. Overall they score the game at 94%. A planned "deluxe edition" of the game is mentioned, with extra levels, as well as an expansion cartridge for the current Sonic the Hedgehog 3; neither of which are named.
VideoGames DE 1994-03.pdf "ROM Check: Sonic 3"
ASM DE 1994-05.pdf "Highlight des Monats: Sonic 3"
CVG UK 150.pdf "Out Now on Cartridge: Sonic 3"
Reminder of a previous review from issue #148.
CVG UK 150.pdf "Game Tips: Sonic 3"
Short article describing how to access the level select and debug mode with a Game Genie code. Two inaccessible levels intended for Sonic & Knuckles are mentioned.
SegaMagazin DE 06.pdf "Sonic The Wonderman: I'm Too Sexy"
A two-page feature in a 1994 issue of the German Sega Magazin. It contains an interview with the band "Right Said Fred", who were producing a promotional CD called Wonderman.
CVG UK 151.pdf "Out Now on Cartridge: Sonic 3"
Reminder of a previous review from issue #148.
SonicMag FR 03.pdf "Round Test: Sonic the Hedgehog 3"
CVG UK 152.pdf "Help!: Sonic 3"
Paragraph explaining how to gain extra points by farming Flybots in Launch Base Zone.
MeanMachinesSega21UK.pdf "Megadrive Tips: Sonic 3"
Short article explaining the level select, debug mode and invincibility cheats, as well as a shortcut on Balloon Park Zone.
MeanMachinesSega24UK.pdf "Megadrive Tips: Sonic 3: Dancing Sonic?!"
Paragraph describing a feature of debug mode which displays all of Sonic's animations sequentially.
Micromania ES 070.pdf "Sonic the Hedgehog 3"
MeanMachinesSega30UK.pdf "The Complete Sonic Tips Guide"
Short article explaining the level select and debug mode codes. Part of a retrospective of codes on Mega Drive Sonic games.

Full-length Articles


Special Report

A quick look at Sonic the Hedgehog 3 in the magazine Beep!

S3 beep april1994.jpg


Top 100 (October 1992)

The original Sonic the Hedgehog is featured as one of the top 100 games for the Mega Drive. There is also a small blurb about Sonic 2. It also mentions Sonic CD and Sonic 3.

Page 76

Sega Magazine


This clip from UK's official Sega Magazine features tips and images of various things found with debug mode. This includes Sonic's unused surfing sprite, and the strange 3D red rotating balls.


Stop Press : Sonic 3 Cheat

This is a magazine clip that explains how to activate the level select cheat with a Game Genie. This is from a time when the in-game cheat code was not known.

Page 9

Sonic the Comic

Preview (August 1994)

This is a clip from the cheats section of the August 5th issue of Sonic the Comic. Interestingly, the image of IceCap Zone shows Sonic running down the mountain, which he does not do in final. Normally he would be riding a snowboard.

Sonic3-050894-Cheats knuxprower.jpg

Preview 2 (December 1993)

This is another clip from Sonic the Comic, this time from the December 25th, 1993 issue. This is a preview of Sonic the Hedgehog 3 in which all the screenshots feature Sonic 2 sprites. Once again Sonic is shown running down the mountain in IceCap Zone.

Sonic3-122593-Preview knuxPrower.jpg

Unknown Magazine

Exclusive! Sonic 3 Cheat - Without a Game Genie

This is a clip from some magazine that unveils the nearly impossible to do level select cheat.