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NightOfTheWerehog Lah.jpg
First seen: Sonic: Night of the Werehog (2008)
Species: Ghost
Gender: Female
Likes: Silly photos, Sonic the Werehog
Dislikes: Boring photos
Created by: Gurihiru

Lah[1] (ラーMedia:NightOfTheWerehog Lah ConceptArt1.jpg[2]) is a character who appears in the animated short Sonic: Night of the Werehog. She is a female ghost who lives in a haunted mansion, collecting photographs of scared people given to her by Su and Wu, two ghosts who constanly compete to try to win her affection.

Character conception

In the initial storyboard concepts for Night of the Werehog, Lah was not intended to be a featured character. Instead, a third male ghost would have filled her roleMedia:NotW - Storyboard.pdf[3].


The first time Lah is seen, she is seen judging the photos of two scared boys presented to her by Su and Wu, pinning Wu's photo onto a corkboard filled with pictures of scared people and gives him a kiss on the cheek. Later, she is presented with many photos of a scared Chip that amused her at first, but was unimpressed to find that they did not scare Sonic the Hedgehog after noticing several photos that he photobombed. After Su and Wu's attempt at scaring Sonic resulted in him transforming into the Werehog and getting scared by the Werehog themselves, Lah exploded in a fit of laughter over how silly their faces looked in their photos.

At the end of the short, Lah discovers a photo of the Werehog and sees him with Chip, causing her to fall in love with him and give her an idea. The next morning, she had Su and Wu tie up Chip to a chair in one room, and assumed Chip's form (though the heart-shaped mark is still visible on her cheek in her disguise), and convinced Sonic to take a selfie together. The photo that is printed from the camera shows her true form hugging Sonic by the neck.

In other media

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